20 Tasty Fall Desserts

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Elephas Yeboah says:

There’s these things called gloves/washing hands with soap use them when your baking plz

Benya Eluk says:

You just wasted 20 minutes of you life

Eleanor Vogel says:

Am I the only one who thinks dried dates are both delicious and disgusting at the same time?

Adéla Vicherková says:

Do you have to put the ice cream on everything?! That’s horrible…

Glimmer Imani says:

Y’all need to check your food titles better. I have no desire to eat a TUNOVER

Sharifa Akther says:

this whole time I thought that it was failed desserts

beanna carlos says:

Wow I luv being stupid I read this as 20 Tasty FAIL Desserts

Aeilah Pi says:

pumpkin spice, wasted video if u don’t like the shit, how about some variety?

This Dude Bakes says:

Really enjoyed this video! Thanks!

5,000 Subscribers With No Videos? says:

13:58 I’m pretty sure that’s ice cream

sonicRACING BALDI GTA sonic says:

– – OF I HATE – –

Miracle Weisensel says:


Jade Sola says:

I thought it said fail

Craig Corcino says:

How do i not see comments on the cute little baby hands

sarah kate says:

did anyone else notice the ‘pube’ on the cheesecake?!!!! haha XP

Nolwazi Monique LaRue Powell says:

The recipes looked good, but too many were obviously mislabeled. Shoddy content. SMH.

Bluerabbit says:

i thought the thumbnail said “fail desserts” i was like, but they look good Though

kliu2lli5 says:

Is it bad that I thought the title was 20 fail desserts

Like If You Agree says:

@ 0:7:26, something sweet for the fucken kids.

Toby dog says:

So to that ESFJ/ESFP, well I just felt like putting this out there. Like how I feel and stuff lol.

Well 1st of all. I know that she’s too young and stuff. But just putting it out there just saying that if she ever gets old enough and stuff (she’s 13 so like 5 year till 18) year apart and lol). I’m 23 now and I’ll prob look/and sound the same until like 40 lmao. (And ik when it comes to stuff like a “real relationship” looks don’t matter that much anymore but
(ik it’s still something that people can’t ignore)

NOTE: I’m just putting the options out there, I don’t even know how exactly she feels about me and whatever and I’m not in a hurry to know anyways.

Oh and I don’t really care that much about this (well I do, and I still do like her and stuff……. but you know what I mean)
It’s just that……… you know 4’s and having to let out genuine feelings and stuff like that lol.
(Oh and also, to everyone else, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about “what to post and what not to post” and I won’t ever forget about it)

Oh and also: btw in the mean time each of us can just “Just do our own thing” so no pressure lol.

Ok that’s all for now lol.

Bailey my dog fun says:

I thought this said twenty desert fails

demon says:

*NIGGA* why u put butter with some apples

Ophélie says:

So much sugar it makes me sick, no wonder Americans are fat.

Daniel Yim says:

At 2:22 there were 2 sets of hands

veronica sanches says:

What brand of puff pastry works best??

Stormy Girl says:

I love Fall recipes!! Never too much pumpkiny recipes for me!! I just bought pumpkin English muffins!!

sofie or something says:

the first one is just an evolved appelflap. if you have puff pastry and you have an apple, make an appelflap. look it up, its really easy to make and theyre delicious. theyre a dutch treat, i always make them in my spare time when i feel like it.

Imani Tierra says:

I love you Tasty but why the hell is everything pumpkin spice or apple? Literally everything.

Nii Lantei Bright-Davies says:

3:20 that looks so fucking goooood

Royce Hamel says:

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin…apple, apple, apple…more apple…more pumpkin…more apple…and yet more pumpkin…
Where’s the cranberries?!?!

l a n - c h i ¿ says:


Iris Niang says:

23:04, it’s “amazing!”

Hi, I'm highly dysfunctional says:


Vidya Sainath says:

The only reason I clicked this was because I thought fall was fail and I’m like “finally I can see them making some mistakes…” Well now I am leaving.

Desiree Elise says:

…so was tasty just like “fuck editing this video”? so many misstitled videos.

Dina Hendricks says:

is it just me or is it delish is

Karla Alvarado says:

Everybody subscribe

doraemon inc says:

does not match the title

Hannah Freedman says:

Am I the only one who watches so many behind tasty videos that I can tell who’s hands are making each dish?

Wanhassim Wan says:

what so good about cinnamon? yukss

Sam Sam says:

Tasty I love all your desserts but I need something with a little less sugar I’m trying to fight off diabetes with my family and I just need something with a little less sugar so we can enjoy it.

Miss. Khan says:


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