World’s EASIEST Homemade CHEESE recipe (3 Ingredients!)

this is, without a doubt, the worlds quickest and easiest homemade cheese recipe.

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Abhishek VN Hegde says:

that’s fucking paneer not cheese


its called paneer! not cheese i suppose!

Skull Exyle says:

don’t use vinager use another acid because it gives it a strong vinager taste

cookie creamy says:

can i use apple cider vinegar?

Rudy Franco says:

went gun ho used 1/2 cup water shrimp a pinch of garlic and chopped chives boiled it till the oil from shrimp then poot in blender on chop poot lemon 2 tsp 3tsp vingur ran it threw a strainer then used a cheaz cloth a twist a couple turns 1/2hr in frig I’m hooked o ya a pinch chilly seeds

Penis.Cupcake says:

You made home in cheese?

Michael Hood says:

milk curdles in the fridge because lactic acid producing bacteria are ALL up in ere. they take lactose and metabolize it into glucose and galactose and the byproduct of this reaction, is lactic acid. this acid, like in the video ‘curdles’ the milk protein casein into curds. and you’re left with whey and curds. i’m a biotech major. these dudes rule. this shit is SCIENCE. look up cheese on wikipedia right now and have your mind BLOWN by how many different ways you can make cheese. here’s a teaser: dead baby cow stomachs. yeah… look that shit up. the chymosin enzyme.

Vine HQ says:

the more you know

Luke King says:

Would acid really work?

Cooking Hungry says:

Will this work with lactose free milk?

Axeone Kurochii says:

Now I can have a lifetime supply of cheese

sumaliworld says:

Does anyone know if this would work for soy milk, or a non dairy milk ?

Mercy Bautista says:

can you make cheese from buttermilk?

Ted Hutch says:

This really works easy, but don’t use cheap paper towels. Makes great cheese!

Daniel Sanchez says:

I have a question
So my gf is a lacto something vegetarian (not really sure) but I just know that she eats eggs and only drinks whole milk because %2 and fat free contains enzymes. Would this cheese be good for her? What other cheeses would be good for her to have? I was also wondering what he meant by whey because I heard vegetarians can’t have whey because it’s essentially meat. Thanks

Noora Rahimi says:

if you make a bigger batch then make let the cheese sit under pressure to squeeze as much liquid as possible and it turns in to a block add salt to the whey to make it very salty and keep the cheese in it keeps a very long time but make sure the cheese stays below the whey.

Formidable Foe says:

1:36 that look when you know you don’t have shit to contribute, but you’re trying!

Farha deeba says:

how does it taste ??

Jose Cuervo says:

how about coffee filters

Luke Garcia says:

I tried the recipe exactly the way you guys did it and it didn’t work

Lesa Mesar says:

I was like “Is that popcorn?”

neonlent says:

Before making it, does it taste nice?

Barbara Perkins says:

This is a great way to use up the milk when it starts to go bad. Good job guys.

Bobby Trill says:

Do you know how good this cheese would be for melting? Kind of want to top a pizza with it

Ujwal Limbu says:

can this cheese be used in burger??

blooms horan says:

that’s paneer not cheese you cute idiots

Lin Jan says:

‘Cheese-cloth’ is muslin – and muslin is ‘cheese-cloth’, the two names of this fabric are synonymous.

Allie Y Butterfly says:

I mean, c’mon! I’m In Australia. We put cheese on pretty much just Vegemite, crackers and cheese cake!

Myra Grodzuik says:

I know this was in 2013 but I just saw this video and I have a question for you boys. Could you press these curds into a block like cheddar and age it so you would have old or sharp cheddar?

Mikssk8 says:

In Latvia, we call it Cottage cheese or Biezpiens (that’s in latvian). It’s kinda like cheese, but we don’t really count it as cheese, more of just some tasty goodness 😀

Yeoh Min says:

wat kind of milk is used? full cream milk?

Rob says:

Tripping on cheese!!

Sumit Mahawar says:

This is paneer my friends, if you compress it after straining it.

ivan mladenovic says:

It’s called Balkan Cheese

jar says:

looks like smegma

HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul says:

IVe done that some years ago just out of curiosity. Biology class teached us how proteins clot. So I tried it. It was something between cream cheese and cottage chesse.

Daily Buffet says:

fucking that is Indian paneer not cheese…sick….

ชญาภัทร นุศชูวงนาค says:

You must put vinegar and rennet into the milk (at 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit), drain the whey(at 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit), put the curd into the whey again(at 185 degrees Fahrenheit), stretch, fold and knead the curd.

Mixal400 says:


matttylerrrr says:

awesome guys! who knew cheese could be so easy

Phương Hoàng Thị says:

Is it ricotta cheese? Can it melt?

jessamae cañete says:

what was the liquid that would make the milk curd..?

mattyjmar10 says:

All these questions about using soy/almond/nut milk are WHEY out of line.

Kerry Small says:

This may very well be a dumb question but can oat milk or almond milk be used for this recipe instead of cows milk?

Evelyn Van Winkle says:

UM WHY did you use the name of Jesus Christ like that ,, i loved your video ,, until you blasphemed my God,,,,

zemorph42 says:

I have a Nu-wave induction range that uses magnetic fields to heat the pan directly. It provides precise heat control and does very well. However, on medium heat, that milk would come to a boil within 2-3 minutes and I wonder if that’s too fast for this technique. Thoughts?

Sarah Perkins says:

wonder if this would work with coconut, soy, almond, or cashew milk.

IBkochman says:

Can you do anything with the excess liquid?

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