Whopper With Cheese Copycat Recipe!

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The best way to “Have it your way” is to make it yourself! That’s just what I did with the famous Whopper!
I was sent a charcoal lighting product to review called WoolyWood, which is made from wood and is 100% all natural. I was a little skeptical, as I’m really not a fan of the compressed wood starters. I have to tell you that this stuff has just made it to my arsenal. Lived up to every claim! Check out the links below to purchase.
WoolyWood https://www.amazon.com/Charcoal-Starters-Green-Eggs-Lighting/dp/B01MRF8FNL/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1487803453&sr=8-10&keywords=big+green+egg+charcoal+starter


No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

that was my first job. use to make whoppers 10 seconds back in the 80s

docoluv9 says:

Oh wow so that’s a great thing to put in ur bugout bag as well

Flo G says:

Hey Greg, well done! I really love your videos! I am from Germany and we use these wodden rolls very often. They work fantastic! One question regarding your burger videos. Do you prepare all those buns by yourself? Most of them look really amazing. I only have one recipe for brioche buns and the buns from the supermarket here in Europe taste horrible…perhaps you can help me out with someone recipes or homepages. Greets from Ger

EchoSixMike says:

Well done, that looks and probably tastes how you’d want a Whopper to taste. I used to love these as a kid, but sadly, the quality just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. I doubt it’s the ingredients changing significantly, it just seems the employees just don’t GAS, at least locally. The Whopper with onion rings was better than anything at McD’s.

White Thunder BBQ says:

I was really impressed with those charcoal starters. I’ve seen them used in some of the European bbq videos and always wondered about them.. great job Greg!

Marco Lang says:

Hi Greg, noticed no and again that on some of your videos the volume is quite low – as is in this one. I have to turn the volume up which ends in the next video screaming at me…. Is it only me?

MikeOnTheBox says:

Thanks for not using fake thumbnails on your videos, but instead using what you actually going to make. BTW, totally agree, it looks super sexy 😀

BigMeat Sunday says:

that last comment sounds Fuct up… I was referring to a burger, that s all

Oren says:

Subscribed and liked. Greg, I saw those WoolyWood starters on another video. I imagine they could be cut in half to use on a Weber charcoal stater for savings. Burger looked great, I love burgers. I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a burger today (Wimpy)

The Root Boy Cooks ! says:

“Tastes like a Whopper, but a little bit better” Well No Duh!

mazungaz says:


RBCbomber says:

Do you know how much hotter you get the PBC with a totally open vent? What’s your elevation to give an idea of how much you normally have the vent open. Great video!

GQue BBQ says:

Burger King wished their burgers looked this good – Nice job Ballistic BBQ!

dKJustwon says:

Ayyy Hungry Jack’s represent.

Tom Christy says:

Now if you want to know why Burger King is called Hungry Jacks in Australia, is because when Burger King were looking to setup in Australia the burger king name was trade marked and being used in Australia. I believe the Burger King that was opetating in Australia at the time was in Adelaide.

cryptkeeper5 says:

Really enjoyed the beer spotlight

Tom Christy says:

Now if you want to know why Burger King is called Hungry Jacks in Australia, is because when Burger King were looking to setup in Australia the burger king name was trade marked and being used in Australia. I believe the Burger King that was opetating in Australia at the time was in Adelaide.

Daniel Gardocki says:

Hey Greg, What brand of bun do you use? You should make a video on making buns from scratch.

RockTheSix 73 says:

Great looking burger. Do a plug for the spatula next time.

John K says:

Great cook Greg, you’ve just proved that “less is more” and I would be willing to bet that this burger tastes a thousand times better than the present day “Whopper”, not dry and cardboard-like. I also like your product reviews.

Chris Simpkins says:

Always coming with solid BBQ videos and all around seem like an awesome genuine guy. Great content.

I also used the recipe you posted recently for Love’s Wood Pit BBQ and it was awesome. I’ve never had a glaze quite like that. It was incredible with the spatchcocked chickens I had on the smoker.

Hauk I Am Sipho says:

Get to the point.

Anonymoose says:

Hahaha! It looks like Burger King *wishes* their Whoppers could look.

eddiecarlcalhoun says:


Shaz Green says:

High five for the Hungry Jacks shout out! Fun fact, the reason it’s not called Burger King here, is because we already had a burger store called Burger King that pre-dated Burger King (US).

Lachlan Chennell says:

cheers for the mention about Hungry Jacks in Australia Greg, shows you care about all viewers!

7teenageSmokers says:

That presentation is solid

Namoa Tupou says:

wow I’m hungry

spookee74 says:

Nice one Greg! But next one a personal recipe, no copy cat.

Diagnol Snakeskin says:

Great video!

stump182 says:

Gotta have a stale bun if you’re calling it a whopper.

CityRuler1 says:

Holy shit he realised its Hungry Jacks here!

itsmegp46 says:

There is no way you can copy a whopper. Not unless you use wilted lettuce, soggy or green under ripe tomatoes and of course a beef patty with gristle.

Adrian Seligman says:

Can you do the Wendy’s big bacon classic from Canada or Japan’s moss burger

ItzPitaHoning says:

Looks great

BigMeat Sunday says:

Perfect copy man, I love me a whopper every now and then… cheers brother

Dozer W says:

Greg, thanks for the videos, reviews and enthusiasm. The wooly wood looks awesome…also, what brand of lump do you use? The chucks looked huge. I’d love to see more videos on the Primo.

Joe B says:

Almost, but after you put the cheese on the bottom half Burger King throws it in the microwave for a few seconds to melt the cheese. After that you add the 4 pickles THEN the ketchup and AFTER THAT the onions. You got the top half right.

Paul Phillips says:

Just had a whopper jr today. Nothing like yours.

Soupbones says:

Interesting you did a burger from the big junk food chains there Greg! Probably way healthier grilled over charcoal then on a oily hot plate too!. Great video as usual.

grassburner says:

You pay 5 bucks now for a whopper. And it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as yours. Great video!

Sous Vide Everything says:

Greg I have to be honest with you. This looks 100x better than BK. You did it perfect. It looked like BK advertising. Awesome!!!

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