WHAT I EAT IN A DAY VEGAN + Mac & Cheese Recipe!

Today we show you what we eat in a day VEGAN! We also show you a chili and mac and cheese recipe! YUM! 🙂
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Erin Kennedy says:

Would the recipes still come with the audible version of your book?

Kitty Gemma says:

Can I swap the black beans with red kidney beans? I can not find any Black beans at the local shop for some strange reason…

Deniz Dayi says:

Explains why there skinny af

Gigi says:

I LOVE U GUYS but something tells me trevor didnt like it lol

Young and Vegan says:

love these!

Sandy V says:

Your dad lol.

Susan B says:

I bought your book for the recipes because I love the what I eat in a day videos! Your moms Chili was the first recipe I made. Delicious!

Joe Smith says:

Many people think they need meat to feel full but look at this. It’s just as filling and satiating as meat. There is a push-back because of habit I feel, and I don’t blame people for having their biases because I have my own: lots of them. The many non-vegans haven’t had some of the dishes such as this one and understand. Granted, not everybody will like this particular dish but there are many very much like it that are plant based, requiring no meat.

Flutterby787 says:

I’m making the chili in my crock pot right now! :)))

Cheyenne Carter says:

I like how you guys are giving the facts about being vegan and how healthy it is. When i see other people they say “yes everyone needs to be vegan now it is unhealthy”. And they don’t even know the facts to it. I am also a twin, but how do you to get along so well. Me and my sister are identical twins but have very different personality.

maddy hope says:

we all know the real snacc is the guy at the end of the video lmaooo

Inner Revolution Project says:

Just finished your book cover to cover and I am totally happy that I found it. I am 30 years old and vegan for 7 years now but I always had acne and a really oily skin. Now I am 8 days in (follow your diet to the t) and my skin starts to look better. The acne is still there but no new breakouts and the skin is finally not oily any more.
I really start to have some hope that I found a solution here. So thank you and greetings from Berlin, Germany (:

PS: And I have one question: You talk in the book about a private Facebook group. Is the group still active and if so, are there any ways to join it?

Kappiness Le says:

Give me the title of the first song!

em renee says:

What are you guys doing for your birthday?!

Jacqui Rose says:

ahahahhaha your dads face after he tried it! lol the mac and cheese looks sooo good!

fruittty123 says:

could u roast ur own red peppers instead buying them canned?

LovedHappy says:

That chopper thing is magical!

rumination says:

great! thanks for sharing!

Side Ofit says:

guys can u make a video about why u chose not to go to college

addison hipp says:

I Love You Guys Soooooooooo Much Can You Make Book About Hair!?

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