Vegan Red Cheddar Cheese | VEGAN CHEESE RECIPE


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Jackie Laila says:

Walnuts and brazil nuts is a much better choice imo

Oráiste Naranja says:

What the fuck are ‘cups of’??? Jesus! Come on! This is the 21st century!!!

Brid Mcgrath says:

again thanks very much and great craic more veggie food again!!!!!!! yessssssssssssssssss:)

The Skinny Legend says:

I love your recipes they make me soooooo skinny! x

Ruth Davies-Mourby says:


Captain Cooks-A-Lot says:

Pimentos are different from the bell pepper. They’re rounder and sweeter and an altogether different variety of pepper. Roasting a red bell pepper doesn’t turn it into a pimento.

Mary's Test Kitchen // Vegan Cooking says:

yummm love using roasted red peppers in vegan cheese.

Yvonne Hudson says:

What food processor would you guys recommend in Ireland? Thanks for all the inspiration!

Perla Serrano says:

No kiss today? 😛

Dawn Heald says:

Julie what else could be used instead of nutritional yeast. Bad allergy to it. Sorry for mithering. X how much of your book uses nutritional yeast as an integral part of the recipe?

DNC is Corrupt says:

Wow I just made this and it blew my mind how good it tastes. Screw dairy cheese!

Mimi Flieder says:

Idk if it’s just because I live in Germany but nuts are super expensive! Almonds are okay since they are usually used for baking but I’ve seen people use cashews for vegan cheese but they’re about 3€ for 150g which is… too much for a student. So I’m glad to see almonds being used here :>

diseasterfan says:

Is this book available to buy from your shop in greystones?

Anon mouse says:

I would defiantly soak my nuts overnight for Julie.

Dacr0n says:

This heavily reminds me of muhammara, an arabic roasted peppers and walnut paste (but that would have more peppers)
Im probably getting some almonds or cashews tomorrow aswell as sone crackers and going to do this recipe, looks awesome

JustOneAsbesto says:

I didn’t know you could enyo an m.

Naomi Smith says:

Why not use an orange pepper?

IvanIV05 says:

Just don’t forget to soak your nuts.

honeyturtle says:

This was probably your best video yet, so why the FUCK did I have to watch a Keebler cookie advertisement before I could see the cheese recipe? If you want to help people get healthy, factory food commercials are something to get angry about. That’s some bullshit.

Brittney Flowers says:

I love your videos. Love your content. Love that you’re always trying something new. Thank you. I’m also loving these recent guest appearances. Thanks for all of the work you put into this channel… and all the great recipes you share.

Vita Brkt says:

Definitely trying to make it this weekend. I would love to buy a book but I want to ask if it’s with European measurement? I’m not very good with us ones.

kickthespike says:

Adding a little more water would make it a great dip!

Dr. Sir Francis R says:

Very nice but for people like me who are allergic to all nuts I do make my own VEGAN Taco Cheese Dip only with Carrots, Potato, Rolled Oats and Nutritional Yeast, Roasted Red Peppers.   Blend & Microwave.   Taste so good.   Always enjoy watching your videos.  Cheers.!

J Rh says:

I have to say that I love you guys. I discovered your channel 4 days ago. I am getting a visitor for one month and I was stressing out… Cause I don’t always like cooking. I made two recipes (chickpea curry and beans on toast) delicious and fast!
I am getting your cookbook!

Pesvut says:

2 Cups of almonds, soaked
¼ cup nutritional yeast
~2 roasted peppers (pinentos)
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp Sea salt
Couple pinches of smoked paprika
~¼ cup of water

Soso Nice says:

pleeeease consider an E-book edition of ur books :((((

Wynand Greyvenstein says:

Would love to hang out with you guys! Thanks for another great recipe!

Lissy Kate says:

Finally, I was waiting for this! May sound cheesy, but I’ve missed you guys, I haven’t had an internet connection for quite a while, so I was lacking in the food inspiration department 😉

Leya Podrzaj says:

Looks incredible! Such great recipe, I will totally be making some of those. Your youtube chanel has great continent and I can see you put so much effort into every video:) keep up the great work !just subscribed:)I recently made a similar video so if you felt like checking it out and maybe leave your opinion it would be amazing. love you<3

A Raad says:

I’m sure these cheesy videos and the book are great for some, but as a vegan on a budget who doesn’t own an expensive blender and processor and who can’t spend a lot on cashews and nuts, I’m not a fan of your recent videos  🙁 I’ll be waiting for your usual budget friendly menu 🙂 . Love from London.

Fronde says:

I always go with a sweet paprika first since the smoked can be overpowering like you said

Bruno Alhe says:

so funny how americans say things like ”pimientos are roasted red peppers”… no hunty, pimientos are simply peppers in Spanish, you guys associate the word with the roasted ones lmao

Naomi Smith says:

It’s a bloody dip not a cheese!
The feta recipe you did was deffo a ‘cheese’ but this is a dip. Get real.

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