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Hi! A while back we did a vegan Mac and Cheese recipe, but here is a BRAND NEW super cheesy version! Hope you enjoy.

Here are the ingredients:

2 cups dry macaroni pasta – or any other pasta
1 small block or 1 cup of silken tofu
1 cup unsweetened soya milk
1/2 cup nutritional yeast flakes
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground turmeric
1 small block or 2 cups of vegan cheese, grated (we used Violife Cheddar flavour)

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Mia and Sienna 🙂


Renpics says:

Omg they’re both so cute!!! Definitely subscribing!!!

vegan ist says:

Another good video girls! Thanks!

Lala Kitty says:

what is the pasta made of because it would be really cool to make a home made version xxxx

Miss ROBOT says:

How can anyone give a thumbs down for a couple of kids cooking vegan or not. great job girls I will try as I am trying to become Vegan and finding it a little difficult. big thumbs up! x

Amy Surginer says:

*omg* yummmo we are excited to try this!!!

Kelly Gibson says:


lovesjesus andusa says:

thumbs up to you girls! love your video, and that does look delicious!

AJ Writer says:

Oh God, please be careful girl near that hot stove and boiling water.

Flam Flam says:

Some cherry tomatoes would go so well in it!

Eh Vegan kitchen says:

Love it. Your making me so hungry
Just have a question for mom or dad is it ok for me and the kids to eat tofu ? I have read some stuff but everything is very confusing. I believe if I buy non Gmo it is ok for boys and girls but have you read anything different ?

tejci1000 says:

Parents, you should be very proud of your children – wonderful girls:)

Grace Dee says:

Where do you get your nutritional yeast from?

Anne-sofie Søeberg says:

oooh so cute! ❤️

Kawaiiplush14 says:

You guys are amazing! Good to know that there are younger vegans out there! I would love to meet up with vegans around my age……(though I am 15) but anyway keep up the good work.

Sophisticated says:


MayaTheBee says:

Looks delicious and so simple to make, thank you 🙂 <3

floof says:

Really cute video, but just saying. Just because you’re vegan, you’re really not doing anything.. People will still continue to eat animals wether you like it or not.

Helen Cabello says:

Just made it! Came out so good! Thanks for the recipe 😀

Sandra McClendon says:

Wow that looks delicious, going to try making it, thank you Girls!

Lauren Caris Cooks says:

Great recipe!! Love your videos 🙂 Keep it up girls!

danie bajan says:

Where do you all buy the violife cheese? I live in London

Simply Niamh! says:

Do a mukbang on this please

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

I’ve made so many versions of vegan Mac n cheese, and I’m delighted to see your tofu based version here. I’ll give it a try! Thank you!

Diletta m says:

I wish you were my little sisters. great recipe. Much love from Walthamstow❤❤

Marion Mc Gregor says:

Omg !!! What amazing girls !!

Melita Obergh says:

love watching you girls cooking. great job. i wish my son felt the same way!

Meliza Garcia says:

i just love the way they say water

The Winchester says:

It’s not mac and cheese without real cheese

Abigail Russo says:

I don’t know if I got a gross nutritional yeast but I tried to make Mac and cheese with it and it tasted so awful

Hollie House says:

I am SO impressed! Never thought of mixing tofu in with my Mac and cheese, thanks for the tip!

MissChildrenwakeup says:

Girls, this recipe is awesome! thanks for sharing 🙂

Sophie Bainbridge says:

Hi Guys, I just made this! It was so yummy! The tofu makes it so creamy! I added some chopped up Linda McCartney sausages that I fried up as well and it was such a treat. Thanks for inspiring me to make something different 🙂

Gerry Gold says:

That’s a great Mc and Cheese can’t wait to try it. Full of protein from the Tofu and B12 from the Nutrional Yeast. Lovely recipie girls. I love seeing you both cooking together. How is your new school Mia ?.


I live in Canada, if I cant find “Silken” tofu, would Soft tofu work for this, and as well as the other recipes needing silken tofu. Is silken tofu the tofu in the tube ( anyone know from Canada or USA)?

_wwildoone 300_ says:

You just earned a sub!!!

Malin Johansen says:

I found you tonight, and I have almost seen all of your videos!! I have folen in love, you two are soo adorable! I’m a new subscriber 😉 Love from Norway ❤

Nadia. says:

If you think thats good, You should try craft Mac and cheese.

Rebecca Kitchens says:

So excited to make this for my family for Christmas! Thanks for the recipe!

everowcare says:

this was amazing! can’t wait try it out. well done gals 🙂

Olivia Gale says:

you guys are so cute!!I love your videos :))

EM Nelson says:

you two are great ❤ keep up all your amazing work ladies! xx

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