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We are made of trillions of cells! Every single cell requires nutrients from food to work the way it’s meant to. By eating for the smallest parts of us, we can transform our ENTIRE body!

Main benefits of the Microvore Diet include:
-Fast Fat Loss
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Kaycie Leaver says:

Can you use any seed or nut?

Maja Talar says:

Thank you 🙂


I love you so much and appreciate you so much you have no idea

Earthling Rob says:

Could you show us how to make the crackers please? Love your videos <3

Hydyho! says:

Looking forward to making this!
Also….I am taking classes to be a nutrition health coach (graduate in May) and I am constantly impressed with your wealth of knowledge at such a young age.
Your joy and passion for nutrition is very apparent. Thank you so much for all that you share. ❤

hb says:

What kind of probiotic do you use?

andrea a says:

what if one is allergic to sunflower seeds? (and cashews…) What would be a good alternative? almonds maybe?

Emily Gavriliuc says:

Would I be able to use a crushed probiotic tablet instead of the capsule?

catlover09 says:

I love watching your videos they make me want to go vegan

vanessa says:

Do you have Snapchat? Omg! If you lived near me! We would totally be best friends!

xmissxvictoriax says:

How do you feel about gluten? Are you gluten free? I hear conflicting things about it.

Samantha Hrdlicka says:

Can’t wait to try this! How did you make the crackers?

Alésha Bredell says:

how long should the nuts soak? overnight?

Vegan Yogi Amber Michelle says:

Looks delicious!

Neo DeOne says:

Thank you so much

Etienne-Emile Antikatastaseis says:

Gonna try this today. Will let you know how it turns out!

Sumer Kym says:


Lea Androic says:

thank you for sharing!! and thank you for promoting veganism to the world <3

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