The Habit Double Charburger With Cheese Copycat Recipe!

55 burger recipes right here!
Voted America’s Best burger joint by Consumer Reports. This place serves up a true American burger and the fresh ingredients along with the techniques used to prepare it is what makes it a standout!
The Habit:
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Keith Doran says:

Greg I thinks its time you invite all your subscribers over for a BBQ and some beers! hahahah.

BBQ 4 Beginners UK says:

Delicious , so juicy too!!

Keith Brookshire says:

Off to the market!

craigstowing says:

That another fine burger ….

strictlyquality says:

Can you please tell me where you purchased the half griddle and the frying section for your webber grill? Love your videos!

Eddie C says:

Hi Greg! Who is the maker of your polo shirt! I like the fitment and looking to get some for my staff.

Eddy Guzman says:

Amigo me gustan tus recetas podrías por favor ver la manera de hacer tus videos subtitulados y apuesto que tendrás más vistas y más suscriptores

lucas mcconachy says:

that’s what i call a all round perfect burger. 😛 no bad comments here.

Curious_ _Panda says:

I’m in love with this burger marathon Greg, great job! Very professional and passionate!!
Big fan!!

BaconCheezeBurgerz says:

I don’t have a The Habit around where I live, but from what I have heard and this video I’m dying to try their burgers

bibs dosado says:

wonderful burger

glennsftn says:

First, thank you for all these videos. I’ve subscribed and shared via Facebook.

If you have funds for travel, please go to Hawaii. There is a little burger shop on the North Shore Oahu town of Haleiwa called Kua ‘Aina. It is a Hawaiian treasure- there is something magical about this spot. If you could replicate it, I (and tens of thousands) would be very happy!

Greg Szarama says:

May I ask what do you use to form the patties? They look perfect right before you put them on the grill. Or is that the way you buy them?

Small talk for small people says:

I love you video’s so much! It gets me hungry with a big smile everytime i watch them.

Holly D. says:


Lawrence Harmon says:

Where can get that ballastic BBQ hat you wear?

Sam Winn says:


Vman isyourhero says:

I’ve never been so aroused until now.

Smoked Reb BBQ says:

Awesome looking burger!

pkmdz says:

I would never leave a negative on this >:d Its beautiful!

John Cooper says:

I really like your videos. Even the ones for burgers I do not ever intend to make myself. Nice work. I made the inn-n-Out sans onion paste (which I do not like) – darn close to the classic double-double. Thanks

Søren Borgquist says:

Greg, I’ve been following you for about two years (since the Kuru Burger – without subscribing – but I am now) and I remember you mentioning what grill spatula you’re using…but I can’t remember. Please tell us again (anyone is welcome to chip in though). 😉

ThisIsTheName IWantToUse says:

How do you stay in shape? Thats what I want to know the way you eat.

Barnabas Collins says:


juan orejel says:

I want to be a chief too

Dara Kasrovi says:

I absolutely love your cannel

martin malchow says:

I need this burger right now… Looks good! 🙂

Jeremy Nolan says:

Love all your videos, any chance you will be doing fajitas in the near future?

Fuhgawz102 says:

are you in the military?


Make a slight smaller thin burger, deep fry it, then make that the patty for a bigger burger. Inception burger.

Bill West says:

Looks like a million bucks! definitely a beast!!!

Herbal Pain management says:

Habit Burger is awesome. They need to get up to Oregon

Peggy Ohio_Organizer says:

I LOVE to cook & always enjoy new recipes. This looks absolutely delicious! You always have great videos!

Booger500us says:

The real What a Burger!

Frank Nitty says:

Can you please make a ballistic griddle for the 18.5 in weber and jumbo joe Please!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven Andrews says:

That’s a good looking bog standard UK burger, love it 🙂

Hyland Capin says:

Pls stop calling romaine lettuce green leaf.. call it what it is. Thank you

AllBlacks4Life says:

Sir you are a legend and that burger looks awesome!

Darcy Wright says:

Hey Ballistic BBQ! Been watching your vids for awhile now and love the burgers. I’m a burger fanatic. So… We have a Dave and Busters opening here in alaska probably some time next year and we also finally got a Smash Burger about a month ago. Any chance you can do some copy cats from those restaurants? I’ve never eaten at either. Thanks and keep doing what you do!

John McGuirk says:

I’ve had many cheeses on burgers: muenster, cheddar, brie, goat , blue , fontina, manchego, etc,. But IMO, none of them can match the authenticity of our standard American cheese. Especially deli cheese from the counter. Deli cheese complete a burger. And from my experience, most other cheeses overpower the taste. Either way, I love your videos. I’ve made some pretty tasty stuff because of them. Cheers!

Marco Lang says:

Too bad, here in Germany theres only same ol’ same ol’ Burger King and McD, bit envious on you americans having so many different burger houses to choose from. Will try this later today.

davidorvis says:

Damn that looks good…. Second video of yours I’ve seen and I’m liking what I’m seeing keep up the awesome videos… Thank you.

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