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Shawnese Williams says:

omg can I just get a spoon full

Blessings Luz says:

I made this recipe and followed you intructions and oh my goodness it was delicious. Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.

Toni Jones says:

looks good sweet heart thanks

Alina Rodriguez says:

Looks delicious, thank you for sharing.

Deion Chaney says:

Love your videos so much ms carolyn

mdooms76 says:

Omg this looks so good!!! I’m subscribing!! If I don’t have a slow cooker can this be done stovetop on a low heat setting?

BeautyforAshleyB says:

This recipe is a winner! I didn’t even have all the cheeses on hand and it still came out great! I can’t wait to try it according to the recipe! I never knew also that ur not suppose to rinse pasta! I feel like I’m in culinary school watching your videos!

jacqueline lendor says:

I love this God Bless You

kanny bright says:

it looks so good! # tasteovision

Coco cori says:

Wow this is so yummy looking going to try it

GRiMHOLD says:

I gained weight just watching this.

Ms. Moses says:

This mac and cheese to superb and delicious. I will definitely be making this sometime.

Bella DąScorpionStingą77 says:

Looks damn good. I season my macaroni 2 n I NEVA EVA use eggs… Barely use Velveta 2… I dont like da creamy texture dat it gives

ollycup1 says:

I’m making this tomorrow with ribs :). My boyfriend says his moms mac and cheese is his favorite but I think this might beat it lol!

John Massari says:

At 2:02 you say to give the pasta a good shzuz? What’s that? Love this dish.

Chosen says:

I a m so living this way. I get so tired of making a cheese sauce, the traditional way. Thank you

Aprils BlueHeart says:

First video I watched… looks awesome!

Nae H says:

Where have you been my entire life? Im glad I found you!

The 803 God says:

this for the people that think they can put a slice of velveta on macaroni and put it in the oven and call it mac&cheese

Jean Smith says:

I want to make this but not in the croc pot. How do I adjust the recipe

Nae Nae says:

I love this thanks for sharing. Please upload more crockpot recipes thanks in advance

Mayah Angelique says:

I hate the taste of sharp cheddar… and recommendations for a substitution? I can only take the taste of mild cheddar lol

Rashid Sykes says:

Good job

Brittnei Wade-Imani says:

Can you use regular milk instead of half and half

Calprepper Das says:

Football Saturday,perfect day to try this recipe and I did easy cheesy delicious. thank you Carolyn. your my designated Chef. God Bless and keep cooking.

btchnotme says:

Can this recipe be made with the 4 quart crockpot?

yo-yo G says:

oh my goooodddddnnnneeeeesss!!! I will try this one THIS WEEK!! Is GDS seasoning similar to season salt? Thanks for posting! yum

amilia jones says:

I made this for christmas and it was slapping. thanks lady

J TDMN says:

GUURRRLLLL!!!! You had me at cream cheese!!

giacomomassop says:

No egg macaroni & cheese. Yes please.

JKellz says:

I will be trying this recipe.

Skylar Saul says:

Tried this recipe out with my family a little while ago, we put our own twist on it but pretty much followed exactly and it was sooooooo good!!! Thank you so much Carolyn!

Autumn Asters says:

im flagging this recipe for being too sexy! lol

Ignacio Orozco says:

cool cool

Theresa Hernandez says:

how much milk

nkyryry says:

Onion in mac and cheese is awful. Can’t stand when people throw onion in there

nancydrew5 says:

Thanks for the tip on not using bagged preshredded cheese the only thing I would add will probably be is it okay to use block smoked cheddar as one of my cheeses that I would grate? that looks amazing and I agree I don’t like using eggs in my mac and cheese I don’t think it’s necessary I’m going to have to try this thanks again for another great Crock-Pot recipe

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