Stovetop 3 Cheese Mac n’ Cheese

This stovetop mac n cheese is creamy, cheesy, and super delicious! If you love good ol’ comfort food, then this one will surely hit the spot!

Get the recipe here:

Get my deep fried mac n’ cheese balls recipe here:

Baby back ribs go great with this side dish:

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jason engler says:

i’m also lactose intolerant. the trick is to use lactose-free milk. the cheese/butter only have a small amount in lactose in comparison. if it’s still a problem for you, buy some lactase pills at costco. 14.99 for 180 pills and 1-2 pills is probably enough if you use the lactose-free milk.

spicymami says:

My mac and cheese:
Boil water and cook the macaroni noodles
Drain and add butter
Add milk and then mustard
Then add cheese (cheddar mozzarella)
Then salt and pepper and boom

John K says:

Every time I eat Mac and cheese it brings back memories of all the times I spent with my grand parents all I have to remember them by are photos and a cook book from my grandmother.

i guess I would say Mac and cheese is a comfort food for me when ever I’m upset or I’m not feeling myself I end up eating Mac and cheese and I feel better then before but honestly Mac and cheese is pretty dam good though.

Neha Gaikwad says:

starts at 0:52. thank me later

Nequita Jackson says:

can i please have the recipe

Ava Love says:

I made this and I am in love

This is Cutie Ringo Joy says:

omg it was so tasty , thank you, but i ate only abit and im already full, im going to keep the leftover

holly garcia says:

This might be a dumb question …but how do I know how much is 3/4th pound? I bought a bag of dry macaroni how do I measure that?

Lovisa L says:

we don’t have velveeta in my country, what can i use?

Heres what I have to say says:

Perfect! You are the QUEEN at mac and cheese! I love making and eating the mac and cheese with you! It taste’s AMAZING!

Allison Hunter says:

You usually have leftovers after making this? I would literally demolish the entire pan in minutes. And then go into hibernation.
Seriously though, I’ve been looking for a good homemade mac & cheese that isn’t all dry (most videos I’ve come across are for baked mac & cheese), yours looks SO creamy and cheesy and saucy and perfect, I will be heading to the store in just a few minutes to get everything to make this.

mTube Foods says:

*Wow, magnificent, thanks a lot*

Abigail Rae says:

I love watching videos of mac n cheese hbu

John S says:

Making this for thanksgiving can’t wait!

This is Cutie Ringo Joy says:

What is all purpose flour?

SecondWalk 90 says:

What’s the measurements if using a 16 oz box of noodles?

Hyny P'galla says:

That’s looks yummy but that much flour? Seriously? Ew. It’s gonna taste like flour. I tell that with experience

Linda Santiago says:

I tried this w smoked gruyere its delicious

Adriana Romo says:


Diogo Silva says:

This is Delicious!!

Carlos Pantoja says:

Fuck velveeta

lori Law says:

You lost me at Velveeta

Taisha Diaz says:

I dont like garlic or mustard

Lorena Taila Lo says:

Cade os br

Ed Jackson says:

What to do if you have had a bad day: cook yourself Mac ‘n’ cheese, lie on the couch and watch Brooklyn 99 (it’s a very funny show on Netflix) all night. You will not be sad.

Makayla S says:

Omg I tried this and it’s amazing

Cronicwisdom says:

i bet she doesn’t have a dog, her husband wont count

DangKid says:

Can we do this without pepper, onion powder and mustard??

erika hernandez says:
Yall should visit this page i will appreciate it if yall did

Aliza Atif says:

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mac and cheese

Heres what I have to say says:


Nathanyel Connelly says:

if its creamy, and its cheesy, does that mean its maccy?

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