Spicy fire chicken with cheese (Cheese Buldak: 치즈불닭)

Today’s recipe is super-spicy chicken, called buldak in Korean. The Korean word bul means fire, and dak means chicken, so you can call this “fire chicken.”


nana fathanah says:

Hi Maangchi.May i know what kind of soy sauce that you use?The salty soy sauce or sweet soy sauce?And can i put honey instead of rice syrup?

Rin Senta says:

Love your video ❤️

Airynn Alysha says:


JamesLee says:

오븐이 없으면 어떡해야 하나요ㅠ

Semery hun says:

isn’t it too hot ? wanna try it but confused

Rim Sahraoui says:

زوين بزاف tanks

karenleekhj says:

what is rice syrup in korean? 어떻게 불러요?
is it alright to cook this without hot pepper flakes, just using pepper paste?
thank you.


where i can find ddukbokki i from Isreal
pleas tell me website i can buy it

Taeng KimKimDoYook says:

OMO! I really want this recipe but I don’t have a broiler. Can I still cook the chicken without using any broiler? Would it still be cooked and not raw?

sow bhagya says:

cheese spoils the taste man

エハマルジネブ says:

Thanks! Loooks to yummy! But you didn’t put salt in it

SS4Xanatos says:

Where do you find the pepper paste, Maangchi?

XxXATRUIMXxX xx says:

Oh my god she’s adorable :3

강신호 says:

외국에 한국음식 알리는거 보니 기분좋네요 ㅎㅎ

Big Bitch says:

This looks sooooo goooood

Adyasha Patnaik says:

For a moment I thought its chicken bulldog
Delicious recipe though 🙂

KingBowser1990 says:

namnamnamnam damn I hungry now lol

Nova Puttaert says:

I love this recipe! I’ve been making this since the end of 2015.
It’s my go-to when I cook for my friends! If stay with my friends, we can easily have this at least 4 times a week haha 🙂
My friends really love this recipe and it even tastes great with vegetarian meat substitute. 🙂
Thank you, Maangchi!

jaspal singh rana says:

Love it

Mikyla Junitora says:

Look delicious…

Adultivity says:

The cheese sort of ruins it.

nataliatojin says:

im definitely going to try to make this recipe. have to find many of the ingredients but i like spicy food so this will be fun to make.

nyonk nyonk says:

oh my good….very delicius… i want to cook

Jimin with No Jams says:

maangchi I tried making the 불닭 but I didnt use ingredients that you used, sorry 🙁

Rukhsana AR says:

What is the first ingredient you added? Is it pepper flakes?

Fadhiah Elbas says:

delicious emmmm

sadia faisal says:

mouth watering

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