spaghetti with the best and easiest CHEESE sauce – Tasty food recipes for dinner

Easy food recipes for dinner to make at home. cooking videos. How to make snacks for begginers and kids. Cream cheese pasta. A simple and quick food for lunch or dinner

written recipe:

Chef: Gorka Barredo

Song: the builder. Kevin MacLeod are licenced by Creative Commons Attribution (


Geetha Rengarajan says:

Tried it very delicious

itz thetreo says:

Iv tried it and it task like shit so fuck u

Allen Matthew Nuguid says:

I love your cooking

Aris Man says:

heart attack only by watching the​ video

Jimmy Maldonado says:

just a big- globby-double bypass-greasy-ass plugging pile of shit in a pan…

Amanda Huckabay says:

I made this is taste awfull

Randall Aginta says:

Does this work

Neha Sabloak says:

very nicely presentation

Hannah Tumulak says:

can i use parmesian cheese instead?

Looms & Crafts says:

Lmao isn’t this just fettuccine with spaghetti noodles

Vi3tKid420 says:

final ingredient:white truffle shavings

vidula ranade says:

this much chese,lol … i dont wanna get fat

the android gamer 63 says:

i like the way he calls it brogh when its just water and salt and ther is bacteria in that water thats why u drane the spaghetti

Teju Nagesh says:

don’t try it because more cheese

Lim Karine says:

Someone steel you’re vidio

Elizabeth Anderson says:

Um hard cheese what kind?!?!

MrRatherino says:

ok  I don’t need cream cheese for this recipe!

Jatz Krackers says:

What a disgusting recipe. Overkill on the oil

Niyah And Daleyna channel 2 says:

Taste great

Ich bin says:


A WeiNing says:

The background music though HAHAHA

WarMask says:

awful… Just awful… No food in this, only cheese, garlic and pasta… This is not food. You will get fat on this crap.

awolican337 says:

this is basicly a wreckless alfredo sauce recipe with spaghetti noodles lol.

Demi God says:

Just wanted to add that Soy cheese and mushrooms are great additives!

iii make says:

can I use mozerilla cheese??

rhëa queeny says:

i love spathetii…

Tinku Sweety says:

what is light cream

Elizabeth Shaw says:

I don’t like cream cheese in a hot dish so I would have to use Velveeta.

NikiManaj Vevo says:

holy fuck im hungry

Jay C says:

waiting for Italian youtube police to send someone to life imprisonment for adding cream…….

vishal sawant says:

I made this at home and this turned out as tasty as it looks. this I very simple recipient I would like to share with my friends. 🙂

Crunix kruznix says:

worked perfectly thank you

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