Southern Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe (Updated)

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This southern baked macaroni and cheese is super creamy and full of soulful flavor! The smoked cheddar cheese really takes this classic, comforting dish over the top! Quick and easy enough to make on a weeknight!


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DimmyandSebi says:

made this last night. I used smoked Gouda. My boyfriend likes my old recipe and I was never crazy about it. This was Bomb!! we both loved it!!! thank you

1st Lady Shelby says:

Can you tell me how many eggs?Thanks!

Guenevere Reed says:

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Naturally_Vee says:

I use this recipe every year and I just finished prepping it for tomorrow…couldn’t find smoked cheddar for a price I was willing to pay soooo I added a few drops of hickory liquid smoke into the wet cheese mixture and it smells absolutely divine!

dan chicoine says:

Hi Diva can you tell me how you get that all in a 9×9 dish I can’t. I have made this dish many times my family just loves it Thank you for this gift

Johnny King says:

Awesome!! Can’t wait to cook this for the family!! Thank you!! =)

Erin Posner says:

thats not how you make mac and cheese lol…..

HuggieBear39 says:

I normally make a white sauce then add my cheeses to it before adding it the partially cooked macaroni. No egg though, may try to add one or two next time I do a mac & cheese.

Jon the King says:

I totally messed up this recipe! It says 3 cups noodles, but I used 3 pounds!!! Felt like I was trying to feed an army. Didn’t turn out very cheesy either. Next time I’ll read the recipe closer next time for sure!

Troy baker says:

Do you have to add creme can it just be milk?

A Goblin says:

i was looking for some recipe vids, because i just like to watch people prep food, but this looks AMAZING! totally gonna make this

LopsidedCircle says:

i just made this with an entire pound of pasta even though the recipe calls for 3 cups, i doubled the cheese because i had extra pasta, added an extra splash of heavy cream and more milk until it looked right. i did 3 pinches of lawry’s seasoned salt and a bunch of pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic powder and onion powder. i also threw bacon on top. it was delicious!!! thanks 🙂

Micheal Griffin says:

This is the best Mac and cheese recipe ever! It’s a big hit everytime. The smoked cheddar IS A MUST. Completely takes the dish to the next level!

Dionisia Palacio says:

Your link doesn’t have the recipe

Aisha B! says:

I love it! Short and sweet.

TREW HIT says:

I’ve made Patti Labelle’s macaroni and cheese several times. I can’t wait to make yours.

Brittany Huntley says:

hi is it OK not to have jack cheese

new york says:

Can you make this without using the eggs?

Brandy Lozier says:

Heavy cream? Is that the same as heavy whipping cream?

Ree Smit says:

Hello there. I tell ya , in having thee hardest time finding that “smoked cheddar cheese”, walmart didn’t have it & i went to two different grocery stores & no luck there, when i ask a store clerk including walmart they frown all up like they never heard of it. I looked in the area where the specialty cheeses are & no luck, i always see “smoked gouda” but not smoked cheddar cheese. Iam going to the farmers market tomorrow hopefully luck there. Do you have a pic of the smoked cheddar cheese you use? Helllp please lol, Thanks.

Alvin Tuy says:

You a cute hoe

Hey Miss West says:

im getting ready for thanksgiving!!! Yes honey! I love this video

LeroyRifkin says:

yeah girl

Mselorm1996 says:

*Grabs mic* does alittle tap. This has been the best of the best recipe ever!!! Great comments on thanksgiving

Roxann Graham says:

she didn’t say how many eggs

tick tock says:

Is heavy cream the same as whipping cream?

Adrianna Johnson says:

Has anyone tried this recipe? Is it ok if you melt down all the cheese first in a saucepan then pour it over the macaroni before topping it with extra cheese and putting it in the oven? I’ve tried this recipe before and it wasn’t that good… I think I messed up somewhere lol

Marisol Nava says:

Can I just use regular milk ?

Ree Smit says:

Hello, your southern mac n cheese dish looks delicious, and im going to make it for Thanksgiving, the only problem is I can’t seem to find the smoked cheddar cheese. Where did you purchase the smoked cheddar cheese at?…i went to two different grocery stores & no luck.

Lashawna Foster says:


Casshenia Randell says:

Omg they look so good

Vanessa Portillo says:

This is a dumb question but this recipe serves 6 so if I want to double the serving size do double the ingredient measurements?

Lizzy Sadler says:

is the heavy cream required or can we make it wothout it.

Cynthia Hoggatt says:

I don’t want to use velvetta way can I use just leave it out

Chris NC says:

I made this last weekend and everyone loved it. Thanks!!!!

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