Secret Pimento Cheese Recipe! Hilah Cooking

My secret pimento cheese recipe, by popular demand. Actually, this recipe is also in my cookbook but I finally made a video of it. Try pimento cheese sandwiches, grilled pimento cheese, pimento cheese burgers, or use it to dip crackers, celery sticks or soft pretzels. Pimento cheese recipe at
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Rrrrrose says:

Any recommendations for cream-cheese haters, extra mayo?

Reed Counts says:

This is an interesting recipe. Typical recipes I’ve seen use primarily mayo instead of the use of cream cheese.

Raycefan says:

A sweet and crunch-…..what? Editing and proof watching fail.

Jake Van Ness says:

I love pimiento cheese so much. I’ll be making this asap

T.A.G says:

Your not a chef!?
Does that mean chef baby isn’t a chef!!!
My world is totally rocked
Your an amazing cook and a head chef in my eyes hilah!

Brooklyn BasedBeauty says:

Triscuits are my all time favorite. I might have to make the pimento cheese this weekend and give it a try! Thanks for sharing! Sandra

MikeTheBarber63 says:

I have a slight variation on your recipe. At some point, likely late 1970s when I was going thru a teenage vegetarian phase, yes a girl was involved, I ate a LOT of pimento cheese. We always had green stuffed olives in the fridge, so I started using diced stuffed green olives in my spread. I also add a small amount of finely diced onions, but you have to wait a day to get full flavor, I promise it is worth the wait! As a spread sure triscuts are fantastic, but corn chips great too!

PlugInKathi says:

ha! any other Macie Jay fans here who got triggered by the choice of background music at 3:50? …no? ok.

…great recipe by the way 😀

Иоанна Зейналова says:


Just Alessandra says:

I love and I will do here in Brazil will love !!!pimento cheese wow,thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina Zebelle says:

Thank you Hilah!!

fritom444 says:

awsome job Hilah. now I gotta go to Walmart and look for pimento cheese peace I will try this recipe awesome job

Earendilgrey says:

I need to make this so bad. My grandmother used to make it all the time but never wrote down the recipe and as you said the store bought stuff is always really sweet. I find that happens a lot, especially with like pasta sauces, they are all so sweet.

Jim Cyr says:


Mark King2 says:

|| must || make || pimento || cheese ||

viperhalberd says:

Hilarious. Can’t find pimentos to buy anywhere in the UK. Plenty of pimento stuffed olives though. Oh well.

Misty Cole says:

i want to use the capers instead of the peppers. how much capers should i use?

netsirk6 says:

Oh my God that looks so good. Definitely making that for the next family gathering. 🙂

Jensen Bell says:

I said, “Like I like my women” out loud and you said it with me!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. You get a <3 for that.

Vyr says:

I had no idea this was in the book. 😀

BellaPigeon1 says:

I have never heard of pimento cheese, but I’m assuming it’s because I’m a New Englander. It looks really good though!

Kiara Ellis says:

hilah u r the best cooker or should i say chef ever

Sam Welford says:

Very similar to my pimento cheese. And yes it is Southern. It is also known as the caviar of the south.

SOPARY P says:

was u really high in thee last video? haha

Teresa Santos says:

Looks amazing I wish I had this now. I will make this maybe for a appetizer on thanksgiving!!

The Real Drunkard Hu says:

“Sort of a sweet and cr…” WHAT?! SWEET AND WHAT?!?!

Joanna B-K says:

No recipe is too easy or too obvious to skip it. Especially to the viewers from distant part of the world. 🙂

James Ren says:


Barrack Dovahkhiin says:

yay finally. music in the background in tutorial. now this gives me the mood

Daniel Owen says:

where can i get your book at

Denise James says:

Wow! I love this pimento cheese recipe. I make it all the time but the regular old fashion way. Can’t wait to make it your way. I love your name too it’s unique. Kinkytopdee15…..

sardonyxz says:

Can we use fresh pimentos ??? I wonder if it’s the same as what we call pimentos here in Trinidad

James Ren says:

It has northern roots, but really grew up and formed its identity in the south.


nice 🙂

jane 86 says:

as a European, I have no idea what I’ve just watched XD

Rethink your Routine says:

Drain and chop pickled jalapeos and mix in…SO GOOD!! That is how I like mine!

Glenda Wilkins says:


Jan CW says:

5:10 that seriously looks good.  I’m actually SERIOUS.

sonvolt48 says:

Hilah, we found a great store-bought pimento cheese at Costco…the brand is “Palmetto Cheese.” Not sweet at all and has a bit of spicy-heat to it.

Tom's Test Kitchen says:

Yum, I do love a good pimento cheese and that looked awesome. I’ve actually used it for jalapeño poppers, it’s a great combo.

Brandy Potts says:

This was delicious!! I know everyone tells you you look like Lisa but I think you look like Gweneth Paltro!!! 🙂

D El says:

Thanks Hilah!

burningitx says:

what brand of mayo are you using?

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