(Recipe Mukbang)Cheese Stuffed Kimchi Pancake + Kimchi Spam Stew Kimchi themed Mukbang!

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ronni castro says:

Rule of thumb is if you have talked to them or seen him in more than 6 months then don’t invite them. I wouldn’t invite high school friends unless I hang out them a lot or have been in contact with

Dr Shalini Weight Loss says:

I can understand ur pain with friends, I faced same problems with my school friends..most of them are very selfish & arrogant.. it’s just a advise .. don’t invite these kinds of negative peoples on ur wedding… They don’t deserve.

kanwal khan says:

Wow. .. same here …. When m fat i don’t wanna see anyone… Agree like 100%

Celeste Winkley says:

Some people think I’m being more rude and offensive with seeing someone I had beef with and walking away from them, even if it was a while ago I just don’t address them anymore and it hasn’t bit me in the ass so far.

Urška Nemec says:

Hello Keemi! Nice video you should be come a professional chef and have a Korean Restaurant or bar ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤from Slovenia

min1944 says:

You need to wear makeup Keemi

mini peachy says:

No do not invite high school friends u did not end well with or stopped talking to since high school. Because tbh there’s this girl who I didn’t end well with she’s been talking to me and talking about the past etc and I’m thinking like …. I don’t want this friendship, I don’t want to talk to her again, I just want to let go of the past and not be reminded of it. If you didn’t end well, they’d just find u a nuisance or think it’s weird. Jut don’t .

Emma P. says:

Hi from France!
Could you one day explain us (me) differents Tofus that exist ? And how to cook each one. I never know what to choose, and so I ended up not buying any.
Thank you

Jocelyn Ramirez says:

I love kimchi !

Abdullah Harper says:

I want somebody who looks at me the way keemi looks at those pancakes. 16:38

Dr. Elshaimaa says:

U are clever at cooking ,I like watching your videos, amazing

daphne_foxx says:

That is your power to combine high school gathering and wedding. For people who follow you it could be wild consider the next day they could meet someone else.

Abdullah Harper says:

People in church be like 5:48

셋쇼마루lee says:

여기한국사람은 나뿐인가???

Molly Melana says:

I think you and Dong are wonderful and kind.

Kosmetics Queen says:

Your high school friends stayed in that era for a reason. Trust me.

Kamilee Pascual says:

KEEMI!!!! I just realized you have 800K+ subscribers right now!!! I subscribed to you when you only had a couple 1k subscribers. Now, when I search certain mukbang your videos always pop up even on a public computer. I also remember seeing a random person watching your videos in the library. Keemi I am so happy that you have come so far!! I love you!! ❤️

sodapopgirl7890 says:

That’s a lot of cheese

JashSparrow says:

what music is that? it’s so relaxing :O

kanwal khan says:

But you know what ….when i had bad time with few people in past i still want to talk to them and know what is happening in their lives .. i just want to be close or at least have some connection

Yolanda Lewis says:


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