(recipe mukbang) Corn Cheese Spicy Pork Ribs Mukbang!! oh yeh!!

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Amara Cho says:

A pig eating Pork ribs that’s not new anyway why you tell the dog not to come in and you say there’s nothing good you’re the one who’s eating and pretending it good or something

Shshsh Hsbvs says:

The only time you wanna say, this meat is so soft

kevin & josiane ninkevo says:

Appartement tour please

YammyEats says:

ame keeps leaving but coming back each time you eat a new rib lmao cute

idiotic cherryy says:

OMG CORN Cheeseeez! It makes me remember you guys celebrate valentine’s day at home long time ago! Though that time you was a bit sick hahaha and now you guys are going to get married!!! Awwwww

Laura Reyes says:

Is it me?..or was the audio very messed up??

Faye Korman says:

Boiled meat
Not that interesting at al
Even the dog is yawning
Felt very – she had to put out content

Dina Dajani says:

Try browning the meat before boiling it and add a pinch of ginger and cinnamon to the pressure cooker..dont boil too long it will fall

MrRomantiko30 says:

I remember my human anatomy dissection class with that meat

YG Dungeon says:

Was I the only one who panicked seeing her shoes so close to the ribs

Jessica Huang says:

Your make up looks really good in this video! Also the food looks amazing as well!

Jake says:

Really Keemi? Three ads in your videos? Pathetic…

LaNina Wyatt says:

Beautiful shoes

Nicky R says:


Jay Be says:

its 1:56 am ….why am i watching this. LOL literally starving.

Lisa Minshew says:

Looks delicious! I LOVE PORK! OMG!

Vaimoana Owusu says:

Hey girl you make me hungry so I like your video the food looks good

Dina Dajani says:

I luv how u cook ur own food its alot more enjoyable to watch

حَذَاقَةْ says:

I’m watching this just like your dog.

melanie quinche says:


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