Posh Mac N Cheese

Welcome Tim Siadatan to the channel! Tim began his career as an apprentice at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Restaurant. Fourteen years on and Food Tube decided to catch up with Tim at his new restaurant Padella in Borough Market. We asked him to share the recipe behind his famous Pici Cacio E Pepe dish, essentially a stripped-down mac & cheese.

Tossed with aged parmesan, black pepper and butter, this Tuscan dish is a favourite with the Italian nonnas and one you can make easily at home.

Don’t forget to check out Padella if you’re in London: http://padella.co/

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Delightful says:

PASTA WATER IS A MUST! never forget!

tolga1cool says:

That is a Teeny Tiny Portion Wtf??!!

Benny Daniels says:

Have made twice both times delicious but tend to fill with too much water

maxine says:

lol dafuk

Jonas Lundh says:

Pici seems very similar to udon noodles.

Rayo6764 says:

looks orgasmic! come to LA

Jade Azalea says:

DAT portion tho…..

Spanzio94 says:

I’m Italian and I have to say that this version of Piccis looks really yummy. My suggestion in order to make a nice, creamy and cheesy sauce, I suggest putting 2/3 of grated Pecorino and 1/3 of grated Parmigiano in a bowl and gradually add some pasta boiling water and whisk the cheese till it gets creamy. Be careful on adding water: pour a little amount each time and whisk the cheese immediately so that it doesn’t turn to be chewy and sticky. If the Pecorino & Parmigiano cream gets sticky and chewy that means you have to throw it away. Then, when the Piccis are ready, finish to cook them in a saucepan with butter/olive oil and a spoon of pasta boiling water. Then, remove the pasta from the heat and put it in the bowl in order to combine it with the cheese. Don’t cook the cheese! Bon Appetit!

Usha W. Rochmatika says:

How is it if I change the parmesan with cheddar? as it is not easy to find that cheese here

Bossman21 H says:

worms on steroids >:)

Alec Viray says:

Took 2 days to make a pasta I’ll gobble in 30secs.

Mavro Manitari says:

This portion is like beyond minimal

Fageta Boutit says:

its elbow macaroni.

ucuddbar1 says:

Hey mate do your self a favor.
Why don’t you call them just “awesome Mac & cheese”?
Cacio e Pepe recipe is not even from Tuscany but from Rome, careful with that.
Forget about lemon juice on pasta please.
Parmigiano (not Parmesan) is not Cacio (completely different type of cheese). Is like putting a slice of Red Leicester cheese on a burger and keep calling it cheddar…

Abz Blue says:

not bad I would make it different but still ok..

doe jane says:

when i read posh mac&cheese, i thought it was gonna be real cheese put in it not a Italian cheese pasta

Carla Squillace says:

Thank you very much! That looks amazing!!!!

StreetsWorth says:

can’t trust the British making pasta

Johnny Delgado says:

“That’d be 85 dollas.”

maddus82 says:

Tried it and was very surprised!!!! I really put a lot of pepper in there and it tasted great. The Parmesan takes a lot of heat from the pepper and makes it nice and balanced. Even my little toddler loved it. That dish is now in me standard pasta repertoire. Good job guys

toasty6776 says:

tried it. Absolutely gorgeous. Takes a while but it’s absolutely worth the time.

acjarus says:

That’ll be 50 quid please. For dough fried with cheese and butter.

Unkept Northern Bloke says:

does it come in human portions, infact, i dont care.

mia bona says:

Did he wash that hairy elbow before he put it in the dough is what I wanna know

Brian D says:

bitch please, that is not mac and cheese.

Mel Giandzi says:

I’ve tried his Cacio e Pepe from Padella and it was literally heaven! I will definitely be trying this at home! Great video 🙂

Baghuul says:

Hey Jamie have you ever done a “Joko De Manu” for your costumers?

Rebellious Lost Alien says:

this video would have had 10k dislikes if it was Asian for that elbow moment.

Saphira Tamaki says:

whats wrong with the people saying, the Portion is to Small? Just make a bigger one.

Kemal Teke says:

in Jamie we trust 🙂

Henry Wang says:

I just realized its kinda like Carbonara

Camila Marie says:

Theres barely anything on that plate. I eat like double that amount.

MrDJCoulton says:

This looks seriously delicious for something that’s essentially flour, oil, butter, pepper and cheese

Gabriele Carones says:

No way guys! For a perfect “Cacio e pepe” you need Pecorino cheese, not Parmesan, and it really makes the difference

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