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We had such an amazing response from all of you regarding the macaroni and cheese recipe we mentioned in the review we did for the Copper Chef pan that we decided to do a video for you! This mac and cheese is inspired by the recipe that is included in the cookbook that comes with the pan. I tried it their way. This is my way. I love this mac and cheese and I know you will too.

Keep in mind that this recipe defies everything you have ever known about making homemade mac and cheese. There is no roux. There is no cooking the macaroni separately. This is seriously done all in one pan and takes about 30 minutes from beginning to end. What you have when you are finished, is the most amazing, creamy and delicious mac and cheese ever! You can spruce this up or down any way you choose. Their basic recipe is good, but mine is better. I have added more liquid and more cheese. I have also boosted the flavor with lots of extra seasonings which the original recipe did not call for. I have added both garlic and onion powder as well as dry mustard, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce which I think needs to go in mac and cheese! Because cheese and Worcestershire sauce are best friends!

I really love this concept. Being able to enjoy a great serving of macaroni and cheese that is not baked is really nice. This is super creamy and cheesy. I have added more cheese and more water to my recipe because I felt like it needed it and it gives the finished product a nice cheese sauce which I love. This will serve 8 to 10 people as either a side dish or main course. With a salad and crusty bread this is going to be a very satisfying comfort food meal.

I will continue to share recipes I make in my Copper Chef pan and am so grateful that they shared this with me.

You can find the Copper Chef pan on their website here:

You can also find Copper Chef’s store on Amazon:

I think you could easily make this in a pan that has a ceramic coating but I don’t recommend this method if you are using a stainless steel, other nonstick or cast iron pan. I would just worry that it may burn too easily. You never know till you try so you could always give it a go and report back!

I hope you give this one pot, stove top mac and cheese a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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Elizabeth Alvarado says:

Hi Noreen!!! I am a new subscriber and I love your recipes and channel!! I too, love to make
“old school” style recipes like yours. I am a huge fan of the GOOSEBERRY PATCH cookbooks, which have many of the same type of comfort food recipes like yours. I am SURE you have seen and enjoyed these books as well?!

Starfoxed224 says:

hows the copper chef holding up?

strife01104 says:

+Noreen’s Kitchen Just did your exact method on this anodized dutch oven pot I got at Ocean State Job Lot years ago….and it worked…OMG. Looks so creamy my family thinks I used velveeta but their is NONE in their at all! that being said I still want Copper Chef pan sometime this year

Mark Jones says:

you can do this in any oven safe pot … Don’t spend your money on this pan please 75$ for this is an absolute waste of money

Leta Robinson says:

I’m a mac and cheese connoisseur, and I love to try many mac & cheese recipe. I can believe how good this looks without have to cook the macaroni ahead. For me I love to add cream cheese or sour cream for tanginess. Awesome!

strife01104 says:

That mac and cheese looks INSANE!!! Could I use the same measurements for an electric pressure cooker(with appropriate cooking times of course)? Also, you basically sold the copper chef better than the infomercial as I now know what to get my family members for Christmas( and perhaps one for me…lol)

lisa yoyo says:

I feel so welcomed when I visit your channel. thanks so much for jut being you.

Dana Farley says:

Great video, thanks for sharing

Rachel DeSelms says:

this looks really good. I was just curious if you have ever done freezer meals? thanks

Rosemarie Harding says:

That looks so good…i cant wait to get that pan to!

kris hauenstein says:

I’d put sausage or ground beef but its a good recipe

Susan Salinas says:

Can this recipe be done in any pan? I dont own this pan but i want to make this in a large pot that i have.

kingfatty says:

Made this tonight and it is awesome! Love it! Thank you for sharing this ! Xxxoo

sara harris says:

hi noreen

Joshua Moore says:

ty Noreen ❤

picantesworld77 says:

Noreen , my mouth dropped open when you just dumped everything in the pot. I made mac and cheese on the stove before man that still was a whole to do. I’m like you, as much as a good cook I’am, I’m also very impatient at times. This is perfect and it looks sooo delicious. Rick sounded like he wanted to eat the whole pot lol.

Donna Stockbridge says:

Great recipes as always Noreen! Thanks! I have this copper chef pan and suggested they ditch the long handle and replace with same handle both sides also smaller pot would be wonderful! It truly is non-stick.

Jacqueline Valdez says:

I loved the recipe and I love the Copper Chef pan! So YES!! I wasted my money on the set but it was NOT a waste of money by any stretch. I have used my pans for everything from making scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits on a Sunday morning to making a full on lamb dinner with roasted brussels sprouts and haven’t had any issues with sticking, scorching or burning.  I have JUST subscribed to your channel waiting to see what else you can cook up that I haven’t already….which I’m sure there is still PLENTY!! Point is the post was about how Noreen can take a recipe and make it BETTER not about the pan… but I love both either way. Can’t wait to see what you post next Noreen’s Kitchen!! 😀

CherryRed 314 says:

Looks wonderful. Can I have some right now????? Please?????

Ivonne Lara says:

Hello Noreen, just had to share that I finally used my copper pot and made your Mac & Cheese recipe, unbelievably delicious. Thank you for sharing your ways.

Romi Bo says:

Your recipe calls for 3 cups of water….. so we use only 1?

Thomas Tommy says:

Man people buy this in a box. And cook it for there kid’s everyday. From the time there small kids until there grown. No wonder there is over weight kid’s with heart problems. I never did like it. I see why now. Sorry but that stuff should be against the law.

Mike & Shelly says:

looks yummmy!!! Gonna try this,just got my cooper chef pan this week

Alexandra Wimmer says:

No link here!
No recipe either – which would’ve just been friendly(after 6months).
I hate being manipulated into “visit my website!”. I will! do so, if I like what I see in the description box. If I don’t like it, I won’t go to your website – even if it means no recipe. F. it! There are enough others who do put their recipes into the descr.

Fateh Bains says:

fyi…this recipe works well in the rice cooker as well! 🙂

keep the recipe’s coming! 🙂

Danielle Marceaux says:

o my god stirring that mac and cheese was to much you were having to much fun i definitely have to buy one

Brenda Dickens says:

yum-o i’m making this thanks

Melissa Smith says:

Lovely! Now, if there is any leftovers you can make mac n`cheese balls.

Loving Lake Life says:

I ordered this pot for my Mom for her birthday (which was yesterday – Sept 15) and received it today (the 16th). She’s watching this video with me now!
PS … I ordered her RADA knives for (last) Christmas after watching your video!

Joanne Bailey says:

Noreen you are Fantastic. I love your attitude… down to earth and love your sharing…dry mustard ..onion. THANK YOU!!!! Question…what do you think about the mixed veggie pasta..for this! <3

thatjerseybitch says:

you sitting there stirring that is pure torture! its 2am…. and i dont think i want to wake up my entire house making mac and cheese!

keeping it real do the same says:

I need that pan mine burns the macaroni think I leave it on too high lol

Sharon D says:

I bet I could add some Green Chilies to that……

Kitty キティ says:

looks pretty good !

lisa yoyo says:

Hello noreen, how about you make your special touch cake pops and or balls?!.

George Wakeman says:

I bought this pan ..i got two fry pans and the big square pan and the lid and the basket and some books all for 119.95 free shipping…I was really very anxious because that was a lot of money for me to spend on some pans…when I unpacked them I was very impressed with the quality and the way they were built, they were ten times better than anything I had ever owned…I have now used the fry pan and the big square pan, made a lasagne and some chicken…and the pan is better than I had even dreamed…after dealing with horrible pans for years I am happy that I finally bit the bullet and bought these pans, they are worth every penny…my son fancies himself a chef and he wanted to try the to see if he should buy them..he mad some stir fry shrimp thing and ordered the pans the very next day….they are great pans.

Judy McGill says:

Something else that is good in the macaroni is tuna fish and frozen peas. I have making it this way for many years. Yum!

Elizabeth B says:

New sub from She’s In Her Apron. 🙂
Watched this today and made it tonight. Awesome!!!
I used the 1 cup water, 2% milk, & the cream and did low and slow in my dutch oven and it was perfect. 🙂 Thx!!

kathy jo tourtois says:

omg , looks so good . my families favorite !! love your recipe noreen . hugs from michigan.

Sue DATESMAN says:

Where do I find the recipe for the mac& cheese please!!!!

Birdie says:

This looks absolutely delicious….

sara harris says:

that looks good

Sean Elsten says:

I absolutely love your videos. Your comments are hilarious “it will stick it will burn and you will be disappointed” just cracks me up and I love your recipes.

Melissa G. says:

Hi Noreen! This looks so yummy! I would like to make it for a party but I would likely make it late morning and transfer it to a baking dish for transporting to the party location. I would then want to gently reheat it in a low oven. I’ve had trouble with cheese sauces separating when reheated in the past. Have you reheated this dish successfully?

Hattie M. says:

It looks so delicious!!! How do you like your new copper pot?I’m seeing them in the stores now.

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