Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe – How to Make Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Learn how to make a Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe! Visit http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2015/02/lobster-mac-and-cheese-is-it-really-hard.html for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this easy Lobster Mac and Cheese recipe!


Clinton Leonard says:

“If you see anything like that…” You mean poop. If you see poop.

Liz Solorzano says:

I made this for my family on Valentine’s Day and they loved it. Thanks for sharing your recipes

Luke Parker says:

I would prefer to cook it less. Much rather want that gooey cheese right when he added the cooked pasta to the cheese. Anyone else agree??

Von Kittenshausz says:

I’d say cook all that lobster shell into the roux mixture so none of the flavor gets lost in the pasta water.

Brenda Lopez says:

two of my favorites Mac and cheese an Lobster

RidgeTheH2OBuffalo says:

when I make lobster mac and cheese we boil multiple live lobsters, and take out all the meat, then cook the pasta in the broth

coka says:

yummy !

GiantsWS2014 says:

Not nearly enough lobster up in that dish, but other than that – amazing!

rscard119 says:

making this tonight..vday dinner lol..looking to get.. llllllots of compliments lol

Don Quixito says:

lobster Mac and cheese I assume a dish brought about by the tech bubble and realistate bubbles how old is this dish

Kashmir says:

Fuck you dude, dont tell me what to do !

toxin689 says:

That’s what I love about Chef Jon. I may know that both of these bowls of Mac and cheese are going into me while I binge watch episodes of Spongebob and Dexters lab faded off my ass alone this Valentine’s Day. But he’s still holding out hope for his boy with that “better have something lying around for breakfast” line. Please don’t ever stop making these videos!

dinnalja says:

He talks funny. Staccato.

tranquil Nice says:

stop pointing out that im a lonely loser with these valentine’s recipes
just give us the food porn and ill jerk off to porn porn

sky says:

oh my god…. you make everything look soooooooooo good…..

Sariel Kage says:

Oooh I’ve had this at a fancy seafood place before. The simple deliciousness of Mac n cheese with the luxury of lobster. Talk about Heaven in your mouth <3

slickcross says:



whys he talking like that

lae u says:

great video just wished the lobster was fried just a tad bit longer….

Dylan Gaty-Birnbaum says:

Hungarian Paprika is better

Erin Vittoria says:

The special occasion would be me eating it 🙂

Brigadier Jones says:

Is lobster cheap in the us? because this dish would cost around £50($65) maybe more in the uk so it confuses me when i see you guys chucking around lobster like its going out of fashion.

Donna Jacksin says:

Chef John, you are my go to chef, whenever I an recipe, I look for your page…two thumbs up

Andrew Moffat says:

finally a recipe I will use for lobster, thanks for your guide

Sbreezy Brown says:

The way you talk just makes me cringe

Chairman Meow says:

im the only person in the world that doesnt like lobster 🙁 I love seafood too… but lobster tastes weird

Bbfishman says:

hahah “this is so good, you better make sure you have a few things around for breakfast too”…..That took me a second to get, but i laughed out loud when i got it. dude your videos are awesome, i’m by no means a chef but i have a decent understanding of cooking and have a handful of cooking skill…but your videos make it seem so simple. you have a real knack for explaining and editing these videos together so the recipe really comes through in a way that can be learned and understood logically.

shit stuff says:

you kinda sound like Seth Rogen

Chad Miller says:

Put this thing on mute so you don’t have to hear him talk.

Three Air Films says:

this dudes fucking voice

Louis Codron says:

7:13 “hey, that’s pretty good”

ragnaice says:

Is there a big difference between lobster and langostine tastewise? Never seen lobster like that around here but I have plenty of langoustine so I could use that as a substitute right?

AboveEmAllProduction says:


Bob Lob says:

Is this Mr.Incredible’s boss from the Incredibles?

patseidon says:

This guy talks weird

Gregory Charles West says:

Hi Chef John just wondering can I substitute penne pasta instead of macaroni?

Laila P says:

I’m making this for valentines day 🙂

tom spud says:

Up there with Bob Ross

Jack Kenoff From BestBuy says:

This meal gets you laid 9/10 times.

Daphne Duran says:

You should be a teacher

Jasmine Vasquez says:

“‘Cause that is just some good crustacean related karma”

That part killed me

Geoff Pike says:

Made a large batch of Mac and cheese using the techniques in this recipe as a guideline. Instead of using Lobster, I used rotisserie chicken, and I also added sautéed onion, garlic, broccoli, and mushrooms. Oh and bacon.

I started by cooking the bacon in a large skillet. Then removed the bacon when it was crispy, removed most of the grease, tossed in the broccoli, onion, seasoned it lightly with salt, and cooked it on medium heat until the broccoli was just approaching soft. At that point I added the garlic and cooked for a few more minutes.

I removed the veg from the pan, turned up the heat, added some olive oil, and cooked mushrooms in the same pan on high heat until they started to brown.

One brown I removed the mushrooms from the pan, took the pan off the heat, added butter, melted it, and then made the roux, and added some anchovy paste. At this point I followed the guidelines in the recipe and brought it to a simmer. When it reached a simmer I added the cheese as Chef John did and followed the rest of his instructions.

When the pasta was done my cheese sauce was too thick so I did add some pasta water to the sauce until it was smooth and creamy but just a tad on the runny side. If there isn’t enough moisture the cheese sauce will dry out when baked in the oven.

I mixed the chicken, some of the bacon, and all of the veg with the noodles and the cheese sauce.

From there it went into a buttered casserole dish, topped it with the buttered panko, and the remaining chopped bacon. Then baked it at 400 for about 18 minutes.

This is my first time making a Mac and Cheese dish, I usually don’t like Mac and Cheese, and boy this was good!

Thanks Chef John for the technique instruction and the inspiration!

Watson 3. says:

Valentines day is only once a year, you know?

Gaia Force says:

You may as well use safran. You have lost lobster flavor in the pasta water. Would have been better, if you had used just the right amount of water. So the lobster flavor would have been totally infused into the pasta.

HeroOfTime223 says:

Chef John is the illest.

Tricia Tuccinard says:

Boiling the shells with the pasta is smart but you should never put inedible garnishes on the plate

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