Kentucky Beer Cheese – Spicy Cheddar & Beer Spread – Super Bowl Recipes

Learn how to make Kentucky Beer Cheese! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Kentucky Beer Cheese recipe!


rmm112188 says:

PBR and ZigZags… are by far my favorite celebrity chef 😉

Tim Layne says:

So, Kentucky native here, definitely late to the party. We would eat the vegetables, otherwise our mothers would whip the fire out of us for wasting food. Also, we probably wouldn’t use something so hipster as PBR either, probably Bud or Miller if we’re going basic mainstream. (I’d use a Blue Moon personally).

David Clabault says:

How about Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup, the GREATEST combination of beer and cheese that isn’t mixed in the stomach?

Silje Muggerud says:

Have you ever tried this with dark beer?

Dave Jones says:

PBR Syndrome

Mimi Neko says:

Ooh yum! I’m going to make this but change it to a pimento cheese spread.


Any suggestions on how to convert this to more of a sauce consistency?

Tammy Christine VenusOne says:

why are you hostile towards the vegetable eater’s? I know I know you don’t like being reminded but being carnivore is not good for the environment. Did you know 5hat 75% of our fresh water goes directly to farming cattle for food. steak is okay but not worth the cost. so I replaced the steak with a shiitake mushroom. And I am grateful.

Blake Miller says:

noooooooooooooooooo! anything but PBR

Maggie Kuzera says:

I so have to make this for my boyfriend. He will love it.

Marilyn says:

Finally! A cheese dip with no cream cheese. And beer!

Dalton325 says:

I tried this recipe, because I’m working my way through a lot of Chef Johns recipes. I like to try them as a first timer l, then post on them. I made this just like he did. I have a small food processor and had to make it in two batches. Also, when it was first done I really didn’t care for it. It did taste like skunky beer and cheese. After sitting in the fridge for a day, it was much better. The flavored combined and it tasted like a hearty cheese spread. You can probably identify the beer taste, but it ends up like a peppery after taste and something unidentifiable. I’d make it again and recommend it.

MrKErocks says:

Could I switch out the beer for wine. I hate beer.

shannon holt says:

Judge Dredd lololol sweet

aqueducts says:

this guy enunciates words in the weirdest way

Adrian North says:

Nice recipe but orange cheddar is most definitely not authentic! 🙂 Keep the food coming though 🙂

Joshua Neal says:

I’m actually from Kentucky and we would normally use bud light

Jotham Santelia says:

Is Pabst a lager? For a substitute available near me I’m thinking Fosters?

Kelsey Graham says:

I was really expecting this to be a warm cheese spread/sauce. I can’t remember if I’ve ever had it cold, but I would like it with some soft pretzels =D

Avery C. says:

chef John is using a special tutoring style: Never show up in the cooking process so he doesn’t have to explain while cooking; writing down what he is going to say, and read it in a tone like reading to his kid at bedtime.

Nicolas Fredette says:

Silly americans and their “recipes”

Ignatius J. Reilly says:

I would not use PBR for, literally, anything.

James Dooling says:

This. Is. Hilarious.

You grated cheap cheese into the bowl of a food processor…

The machine comes with a grating disc specifically designed for blocks of Kraft Extra Sharp Cheddar.

Richard Park says:

Legalize it! Im talking about many things.

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