Is This a Keto Cheese and Sausage Dinner Recipe? Greg’s Kitchen

Today I try making a Keto cheese and sausage dinner, but i’m not too sure if it is. Could this pass as a Ketogenic recipe?

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yuilo iori den says:

I just laughed at the entire video because this is me when I’m going to a diet ” ok a little of potatoes, but it’s boiled and it’s good so add a little more ” “oh it’s a salad, but only letuce…hm corn it’s good tho so add more, and add this this this…” then I say to myself “I’m sticking good to my diet ” <3 jajaja love your videos !

pd: by the way I don't know why I watch you cutting the onions and all with eyes closed praying like " please don't cut your fingers! " jajaja

Peter Stewart says:

its finger lickin oo oo yeah eh ehhhh

Bo Bundy007 says:

Not 100% Keto.Use Cabbage,Cauli and Brussel Sprouts instead of Carrots.Add a drop of thickened cream for indulgence .Cheers Keto Greg.

700 700 says:

Custom parting music…nice!

Mango says:


Angie Blevins says:

Keto doesn’t sound very heart healthy

Ippiki Õkami says:

Keto diet is just the term of the diet that uses ketogenesis (caffeine plays a vital role in this to turn fat into energy instead of insulin with sugar, and sugar/carbohydrates get turned into stored energy) but people seem to assume keto is something else

fdeaster says:

Too much cheese, said no one ever

Dave Taylor says:

love ya greggo

earlbee31 says:

Hello Greg! I absolutely love your comedy cooking show, I actually cook very similar myself

spankmepink says:

Keto is fake bs though.

TH says:

Hey Grego, how are you feeling today? I am concerned about your health.

Owen_Basil says:

Oh damn I wanna make that <3

Inge says:

Japanese viking, Is that even a thing?? It is now!!!

Todd's Kitchen says:

*My whole diet is keto, 70kg down so far :)*

Soviet Onion 72 says:

Sounded Irish not Scottish. To be sure

MrTmn2401 says:

Wiking knifes ?
Good God Greg, where are you living ?

We used swords in the ancient.
Today the 9mm and 45 is talking.

Regards from a Wiking.
From Denmark, and im proud !

David Apps says:

Another great video big buddy.

Phil Fry says:

I wish Greggo could get with the LA Beast. Holy crap would be one amazing video.

Kochen mit Tom - Lets make something Delicious says:

Huhu nice day wish you Tom

Stockcar 19A says:


Brad Reid says:


Koala Plays says:

Hi Greg How Was Your Strya Day My Strya Day Was Fabolous I Regret Having 2 Bottles Of VB LITTERLY I DO Mate Have A Good Day!

Ross Burrows says:

The humor has been sucked right out of you’re videos Greggo

88tacoma says:

When did you start keto grego? I’ve done it before

William Morris says:

Great video Greg

Will Ford says:

I’ve never heard of Keto!

The Anti-Hero says:

Just subscribed because in one of your videos you made me laugh really hard that I spit my yoghurt out on my backpack. And now som of that drinking yoghurt I spit out now looks like stars on my backpack.

Anders Andersson says:

Good stuff!

Jade Cummings says:

Keto cheese, never heard and seen it before…….love your cooking video Greg. You’re natural!

Phil Fry says:

“Multicultural society” Lol he know’s what’s up!

lucas mcquillan says:

Absolutely love your cooking videos keep up the awesome work glad to see you making more videos I missed you

Child Of Shadow says:

Love you Grego, keep up the amazing work!

Kanui says:

Greg grating his own cheese? Who are you and what have you done with the real Grego?? But seriously this dish looks awesome, dunno what Keto is but i’d definitely give it a crack!

JudeDude says:

Keto….sounds interesting.

Philip Sandercock says:

The veg knife is the middle one that’s a carving of sashimi knife bottom is a paring knife

Zoe P says:

Hahahahah I thought Greg didn’t use graters ????

Jon De Iconuc says:

Now that is ketoy Aussie style.

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