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SUBSCRIBE . Stovetop mac and cheese recipe which is perfect for those busy week nights!

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Drawing Drama says:

this video make me want to eat my screen

Joshua Moore says:

looks so good thank you 🙂

MsRaconteur says:

Does anyone who has tried this recipe know if it tastes like the el pollo loco mac & cheese? I’ve been craving that like crazy

Izzah Azami says:

is the velveeta cheese necessary? can i use just cheddar?

BecaS sweetbecaj says:

New to your channel! Where can I get the recipe? I clicked on Official Blog but nothing came up. Please let me know. Thank you so much!

Bella Garcia says:

I am makin it right now

Darren Hudson says:

ok I just cooked this. this is the best mac and cheese I’ve ever eaten in my life.

Clint Martin says:

You sealed the lid arse to face. The silver side goes down to reflect heat inwards and you write on the white end but you already knew that.

Splashyfriend35 says:

what is the background music

CrusaderCat says:

Great, now I’m hungry!

Ragan Grasso says: mouth is watering!

Katya Padilla says:

thanks alot this will help me for thanks giving so I can prepare some for my sisters.

Zarin Lubna says:

I’m sorry what was the name of that cubed cheese?

AstroAT / KPOP TRASH says:

It looks so good

CallmeMat says:

Goddamn…. Marry me. now.

Ivan Dub Brickfilms says:

This is really awesome!

Buk Lau says:

can I use mozarella cheese? (yes I’m a guy)

Food Flipped says:

looks so cheesy! OMG so much cheese! Thanks

Nana Luxe says:

what are the measurements pls?

Kayden Meksri says:

this a bad recpiece

Angel 1 says:

Does it have to be Velveeta? I know it changes the texture

Sara Juarez says:

I can’t find this exact recipe on the website. I’ve only seen the one cooked in the oven. can anyone share the link to this recipe?

Lady Asot says:

this looks delicious! I would like to add bacon to my Mac n cheese let’s see how that goes.thank you for the recipe.

rioZ says:

Excess cheese. Love it!

Nida Aizaz says:


Esmeralda says:

I guess I’ll just wing this because there’s seem to be no measurements on your blog..

Nurfatin Zainori says:

looks delicious

MangoSupaSonic says:

I just gave this recipe a try and it is wonderful!

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