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Greetings! Today I am going to show you the process of making mozzarella cheese at home. This is, in theory, simple to do, however, it does take practice and I will tell you what I tell the people who attend my seminars. You will fail. Simple as that. If you are going to make cheese, you are going to fail at some point. I do all the time. Cheese making is a fickle friend and milk can be inconsistent. So don’t despair, because in the event your mozzarella won’t “make”, you can still use the cheese like Ricotta. It is creamy and delicious and a bit heavier than ricotta, but it won’t go to waste.

I originally did the beginning part of this tutorial in early July. I lost the footage to the finish where I actually turned the curd into stretched mozzarella. I gave a mozzarella seminar this weekend and we took the camera so we could use the footage to finish off this video. Please forgive me for the video not being so seamless. It could not be helped this time.

The video explains everything in detail. I have a very detailed recipe that you can obtain from my website. This is adjusted from the recipe that Ricki Carol demonstrates in her own video. I have found certain amounts that work better for me and the milk that I use.

You should use the freshest local milk you can find. It can be cow, goat or sheep’s milk. It should never be pasteurized beyond 172 degrees or it will not have enough of the proper enzymes to make cheese. If you are lucky enough to obtain raw milk from your own livestock, I recommend you use it because your cheese making experience will be much more enjoyable! I have never had the opportunity to make cheese with raw milk and hope someday to be able to do that.

I hope that this tutorial is helpful and you are encouraged to give mozzarella a try yourself. Please don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. Just move on and try again another day. But I do recommend that if you fail one day. Don’t immediately try another batch because frustration can build and become an emotional distraction. Best to try again another day. Trust me! I know this from experience.

I hope you give mozzarella a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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AH F says:

can anyone please quickly tell me, is it Celsius or Fahrenheit ? I have everything I want to make it today

Thomas Batten says:

This was an extremely informative video and very useful with regards to the ingredients used, steps involved, and the little tips and tricks that you’ve learned over time through trial and error. I much prefer using your video (and simply buying the ingredients at my local supermarket or Walrmart, etc) over ordering a “cheese kit” for $40+ from Amazon and just reading the instructions and going from there. To hell with a cheese kit. I can get all the ingredients I need (that you’ve mentioned) at roughly 1/4 the cost of those crappy cheese kits, plus I have a Save-A-Lot next door where I can get milk for free when it gets close to the expiration date! Triple. Win. Bonus.
If I could like/up-vote your vid 1000 times I would do so. I wish all YouTube instructional/recipe vids were as good as yours… Thank you very much! Giving this a go today, for sure!
Quick question though: I’m thinking of adding different flavors to the cheese to mix it up a bit (sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto, diced jalapeño, etc etc etc)…. When would you add these flavor/seasoning tidbits? at the same time that you add the salt (from the vid)? Please let me know what you think, and/or please let me know if you’ve tried this before and how it turned out (and/or if you have any tips/recipes that were absolutely awesome ideas and came out great [or absolutely terrible ideas and gagged the dog lol])…
Thanks for the vid, and definitely looking forward to checking out your other vids… Have a good one!

Ms181171 says:

and if you don’t want to use a microvawe, what do you do instead?

mark cybersky says:

Organic milk works great for me….I would not use a microwave…it to kill the microbes

FernTheYoutuber says:

Imma be honest…the reason I want to know how to make this is so I can have cheese in the apocalypse.

icegoddess1308 says:

Ya know, they make cheese cloth for this very purpose.

Generic White Male says:

i put my curd in hot water when i kneed. then i drop it in a cold water bath. nothing like fresh mozz and proscuto

Jack Off says:

Too bad it takes rennet, 99% of people who go shopping for that will end up just buying mozzarella.

Maximka says:

i could not get the last stage done properly… i did not get that nice stretch.. not sure what was the problem… it was rather mince but not so strechy

Carine Sab says:

can we use powder milk

Fuad's Channel says:

what did you use to edit this?

Syed Wayil Abbas says:

can we use fresh cow milk

MsMedford says:

great video Noreen. looks time consuming but good to know.

Donia Gonzales Copeland says:

I love cheese.

Whydo Yuouwanttoknow says:

I dont use microwave so how do I do the last steps?

Nadia Tamia says:

Do you know what my lady? I’ve watched this for so long but when I heard your name, it sounded so good that I knew right away it’s exactly what I’m going to name my girl when I have one. Been telling everyone already. Love you

The Freshmaker says:

mozzarella has no salt content… and its usually cooked in water

Scott Hartsel says:

Good tutorial! I have made mozzarella many times and she is absolutely correct–the ultra pasteurized milk will not work correctly. However you do not need to go out and get expensive stainless steel cookware–nonstick and plastic work just fine.

Sea Bridson says:

now i want cheese

torpol says:

This is one of the absolute BEST how to videos on ANY subject that I have ever seen. THANK YOU – gonna try it today.

Angelina MacDonald says:

Hi Noreen,

Thanks for sharing this video. It was so informative and I will definitely give this recipe a go!

MrJAG1156 says:

Noreen, can I use milk that has been homogenized? Thanks

Iffi Anzila says:

I don’t 9fcfgbbvefbn


EhCantPronounce says:

Ewwwwwwwww OMFG

Miss_Cats says:

thank you so much! I loved how precise and clear you were with the instructions

Cekeybula says:

I can’t get that rennet tablet in poland nowhere, but I have access to milk straight from cow, how i can make mozzarella?

esther ellis says:


miimii porras says:

what exactly is rennet?

bluuberries says:

this seems so incredibly stressful!

Sean Tiu says:

90 degrees WHAT?? CELSIUS, FARENHEIT, RANKINE, KELVIN??? Specify your scale please

Carmen Seatla says:

Very well explained! Step by step and all the considerations to take into account, especially beginners so not to put their feet on wrongly making mozzarella. Fantastic! I am curious about the amount of mozzarella this recipe of 4 Lt milk make. Please let me know. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Ashes Clash June says:

Her voice feels like Melissa McCarthy’s.

Miller Sharona says:

mozzarella is really the blandest cheese,I don’t see why all us italians think it’s so good.

Elizabeth Nilsson says:


Oltremare says:

U are a fine person…. really.. but this is really far by real mozzarella!

Zoid Burg says:

Why are you talking AT us, rather than TO us? My word.

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