How To Make Mozzarella Cheese at Home – Simple Homemade Mozzarella Recipe

Learn how to make Mozzarella cheese at home following these simple steps. Please watch the video until the end: important information and great recipes provided at the end of the video.



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jdubz125 says:

I dont think you used hot enough water to break down the curds, they never were able to fully stretch, and then putting It in ice water shocked the cheese and didn’t let cool down properly which Is why the cheese looks hard on the outside instead of the glossy look I.t should have.. adding salt when they were still curds would have helped you control the the flavor better too.. now you only would taste the salt on the top layer instead of throughout

Lucy margaret says:

If i can’t find the fresh raw milk, what kind of milk can i use? thank you

Nicola Usai says:

oh happy cows <3

chi says:

I buy it in the supermarket !

spellwing777 says:

Pro-tip: If you forgot to get bottled water and you only have tap water, boiling it or leaving it to sit out overnight will let the chlorine disperse.

Savage Brown Girl says:

Best tutorial ever.

Chloe Choate says:

the amount of space left in that pan while they were stirring is giving me anxiety

DKF Vlogx says:


xnastasia says:

those utensils

tasty food says:

very nice subed hope you 2

J A says:

sharp objects on nonstick pans?

Babar Khan says:

Is we bought paneet from market

ahri dang says:

dont even have the ingredients to he first step

Priyanka Srivastava says:

Kya market ke paneer se b bnaya ja skta h

dimitrie bogdan says:

Too complicated.why you add the citric acid and not only the rennet? Why you are heating the curds for the second time? Why u are not use a cheese cloth? ?

Aliza Rajput says:

plz tell me without rennet cheese recipe

Maan Maan says:

Super but it will b a very difficult work

Ferenc Tóth says:

Italians shape mozzarella in hot water with their hands and a big wooden spatula. The key is the temp of that water and to keep shaping it.That way it will be soft and juicyi, not dry and hard like this one. Looks like an 8 egg dough to me.

Sharmi Madharasha says:

How many days we can store it in fridge

pomen felda teloi timur says:

mcm getah sekerap

Enjoy Cambodia says:

I like your video

Evrard d'Arenberg says:

doesnt seem very liquid inside, kinda looks like the supermarket kind

Zen Rock xen says:

Yemmy yemmmmy yemmmmmmy

ColdLikeBurr #1 says:

You know most professionals that make Mozzarella don’t use gloves correct?

Belly UpCooking says:

something different. Nice!

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