How to make Fresh Mozzarella Cheese recipe – Home Made DIY

How to make home made Mozzarella cheese is so cheap & easy. You can use it on a pizza or any recipe where you love that delicious & fresh Mozzarella cheese. Home made is always better!
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1 cup water
1 1/2 teaspoon citric acid
1/4 rennet tablet mixed with 1/4 cup water or 1/4 teaspoon liquid rennet
1 gallon – 3.8ltr milk
1 teaspoon salt


Milli Meter says:

Wow!! This is AWESOME!! Thank you!!!! <3 <3 <3

thenoobcannon says:

fuck me Todd, you’ve lost alot.

xReDxTuRtLeZx says:

my goodness, as someone who grew up in an italian household and we devour our mozzarella, its nice to be able to make my own lmao. great recipe, tasted perfect

LittleMissMe86 says:


Todd's Kitchen says:

Check out all my How to videos:
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Matt Banks says:

right on!! im digging the music also.

zheahra says:

Hi, Todd! IKR It is expensive. I may try your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Anna Payne says:

Mozzarella is so delicious! I didn’t realize how easy it is to make. Thank you, look fantastic, sir!

Lucas Paulo says:

Hey tod, i’m sure you are aware, but just to be safe i will point out the problem on your mic (there is static in the audio)
I hope i was clear, as english isnt my first language
anyway, nice video keep up the good work!

The Blender Arsenal says:

I’m assuming a strainer would work just a well as the spoon thing?

Aboda Ali says:

why so much ads?

Melissa Cantey says:

thanks for sharing Todd! btw congratulations! you look awesome!

Gesù _Is_ Fede says:

I’m italian and i think i’ll kill you

Stephen Brish-Vinanskie says:

you could use a cheese cloth for the liquid but great vid

zia boh says:

What do you think about an Italian who learns how to make mozzarella cheese by an American?good job Todd,it seems delicious!Bravo!

Jose Lorenzo Adviento says:

Todd’s Kitchen, this is probably the best yet a budget friendly way to Make mozzarella cheese. One question can I use low fat milk . 🙂

Yukan Perumal says:

Do you get rennet from normal supermarkets? Because I have never seen or heard of that before.

trond vihovde says:

Thank’s Todd! As usual your recipes are easy to understand, and follow! You’re the TV cook that I’ve made most use of 🙂 My version of your version of sweet and sour chili sauce has become a family favourite. Thanks!

Blu says:

I just want to thank you for being one of those guys that uses both metric and imperial, instead of using only one and being all snobby about it.

God knows how many YT comments I’ve seen with people being all like “OMG Y U USE GALLONS YOU AMERICAN IDIOT”

Azul Loera says:


Ying Love eat says:


flutter grace says:

that’s so cool good job

Trolly says:

After a hard day at work, this stuff grows on my nuts. My wife says It’s simply delish!

zact lee says:

i dont have citric acid and rennet

jmarylastone says:

what is UHT milk??? – this looks good

Elise White says:

Todd please do you mind making gluten free recipes so I can enjoy those simply delish recipes thank you -sincerely your biggest fan

Nees Argon says:

Wow! That was an eye-opener. I always thought you needed a buffalo to make mozzarella cheese. Obviously not.

Azul Loera says:


Melissa Vines says:

Mmmm cheese

Ben Gamble says:

Can’t remember the last time you brought mozzarella cheese, yet you went to buy some the other day and saw the prices. Illuminati confirmed.

lilwilo says:

the resonuts so expensive in the shops is because if how much u get for the amount of milk

outlander says:

amazing work, thank you for sharing this, very talented you are.
added video right to favorites!

MHS Kitchen says:

O my God! You look so so slim! How?

Leonard Fischer says:

Nice recipe Todd, I’ve been a bit away from your channel, but as I saw yourself in this video, you’re doing great, wonderful to see! 🙂

Songs Of White Wolf says:

I didn’t see or hear anything but was wondering if you were using a stainless steel pot. To many make the mistake of using an aluminum one and that can leave a bad taste do to the acid. The last time I made some I had just come back from checking my crab pots. While the cheese was still hot I mixed in some fresh Dungeness crab and served it on Ritz crackers. Wow! Beyond Delicious.

theodoros koutsoloukas says:

make xalloumi Cyprus cheese

C1nZ says:

mozzarella is strictly buffalo milk, otherwise it’s just cheese!

abbylove2002 says:

you should keep the whey from your cheese! there’s TONS of ways to use it!

Steve Keen says:

And for Aussies
1 Australian Gallon is 4.54609 litres

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