How to Make Cream Cheese – Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 11

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Hi Bold Bakers! I love using cream cheese in my recipes and one of your most-requested Bold Baking Basic is How to Make Cream Cheese. So this week, learn how to make Homemade Cream Cheese with just a few ingredients and you can make my Big & Bold Cheesecakes & more! So let’s get baking!

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Nidhi Singh says:

I used this cream cheese for making truffles omg they turned out super fantastic

Caitlyn Summers says:

What happens when you put all the lemon juice at the same time?

africanbeautifulgirl says:

I just tried the recipe and it totally backfired. I think I did not use full fat milk. Fat was only 3.1%. I am so sad!

Sam Raffael says:

do we need food processor for it?? is there any substitute? can i use blenders or smtg? thxx for the recipe btw♡

Stacy Fletcher says:

I am confused about how this will be any different then Ricotta cheese? cream cheese is extremely thick and has the tang that mascarpone doesn’t have.. how does this taste DIFFERENT from ricotta or mascarpone ? EXACTLY how every recipe for ricotta is made? it seems like you would need to start with real “CREAM” instead of milk and use something to get the tang of cream cheese, or this would just be a beaten ricotta or mascarpone tasting more so then CREAM CHEESE? please explain the difference, it’s very confusing ESPECIALLY also because some paneer vs ricotta recipes also say to use VINEGAR FOR ONE, LEMON JUICE for the other, you say you can use either.. THANKS in Advance for clarification

Natasza Murzyn says:

Is it cottage cheese before processing??

cutsie wootsie says:

by this method the colour turns a little yellow. how to make the cream cheese pure white to use it for cakes?

Calvyn T.Z.Q says:

if I no have the food processor, is that I can use the blender?

dormghost says:

Cream cheese or any kind of cheese are kinda expensive in my country since they are all exported, so thanks heaps for sharing this recipe, I’m gonna try it very soon to make my cakes!!!

Evelyn C. says:

Can you freeze this cheese?  And if yes, for how long?

Mary Carey says:

I had no idea making cream cheese is that easy! Thanks!


what does it taste like ? does it taste like store bought philedaphia cream cheese?

Tanima Biswas says:

In reality when hang curd is blended that seems much similar to cream cheese in taste and texture. This is blended cottage cheese so I dont know from where that sour taste will come.

Sasha Shankarwar says:

Hi gemma!can we use this recipe for all your cheesecake recipes?

Rainbow Unicorn says:

hi gemma, I don’t have full fat milk I only have 2 percent, would it still work if I used that instead?

cutsie wootsie says:

and can we mix yogurt and fresh cream in this?

aghmaz Ramzan says:

Love your smile.. I m from Ireland..!! Recipes are beautiful xx

priyanka chauhan says:

hi dear.. thanks for giving us so many useful tips.. 🙂 can u please tell me how to make Philadelphia cream cheese? 🙂

Azhar Iqbal says:

this is how ricotta cheese is made. Are those the same things?

Kailee Palardy says:

can u make peanut butter?

Julia Grimes says:

can you make cottage cheese plz also

Maria Franco says:

Can I use powder milk?

Tarang Kaur Suri says:

Can I use a mixer indeed of a food processor

Cece Lopez says:

will this work with 2% milk???

Lavonna Castleman says:

Can you use regular milk?

Osinachi Okere says:

Gemma Stafford must I use cheese cloth

medha lohani says:

Hi Gemma can i use regular cream instead of milk ?

mini says:

hay Gemma my cream cheese is not make fluffy? can i use blender

deeksha Sharma says:

wow..thank u fr d recipe Gemma..NVR knew. it’s this easy

Aneza Rippon says:

Gemma, your programmes are so professional, and well presented that one just wants to learn from you.  I thank you for all the effort you put into adding true value into all of our lives who are watching, listening and learning from you.  Be blessed, from a learner entering into the field of baking.

Rainbow Unicorn says:

if I pureed cottage cheese would I be able to use that as a substitute for cream cheese in cheesecake?

premlata sahu says:

isn’t that cottage cheese..or what we call paneer….but thanks for the recipe gemma!!

crafty anna says:

ful cream and ful fat are the same?

Nidhi Singh says:

so basically cream cheese is blended paneer

Stuntbro25 Stuntbro says:

That’s amazing

Anisetty Sireesha says:

can I use this cheese cream on pizza???

Fizza Khan says:

how much this recipe makes? and in adding it in cakes for how much time we can presevre it?

amna zainy says:

plz make mascarpone cheese

Nidhi Singh says:

I think u should make some no bake Oreo truffles

Gina C says:

is there a difference between full fat milk and full creme milk? i don’t see any milk labeled full fat milk here in my country. thanks

May Liu says:

What if you don’t have a food processor? What can you use?

ryan li says:

Does blender works

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