How to Make Cheese at Home – 2 ingredient Easy Cheese Recipe

Easy and quick way to make fresh and delicious cheese at home with only two ingredients.

– Cream cheese: Transfer the curds to a food processor,
add salt and your favorite seasonings mix until smooth and creamy.
– Ricotta cheese (Italian ricotta salata): Add salt and let the curds strain for about 15 minutes.
– There are plenty of things to do with whey (marinating meats, baking, smoothies, etc.)

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sana khan says:

plzz reply me

shehroz jalil says:

ya cream cheez piza mai istamal hoti hai

Dee FullStops says:

is it me or these people who doesn’t understand that paneer is a fresh cheese. it is just the diff names given in diff languages. even google tells u paneer is a fresh cheese.

well anyways the process of making diff types of cheese are all very similar. to separate the curd and whey.

but for mozzarella cheese it has to be stretched which explains the name mozzarella. only diff techniques and time used for diff cheese otherwise it is all the same.

paneer = cheese

superbDOG46 says:

i got hungry because i thought it was a cheesecake st the thumbnail lol

BBish GT says:

Ricotta is way different than paneer.

Alex Gammon says:

will these make me sick

sumit pimple says:

if its chiz then can it makes threds like mozrela chiz

nasir khansuri says:

this is paneer not cheese

Mamta Sharma says:

this is paneer or cheese .

dude dude says:

can I use something else instead of cheese cloth like maybe a clean kitchen towel or something like that and also thanks very easy and informative so yeah thanks

Pearl Enterprises says:

it is a paneer not cheese

Roshanak Hannani says:

Will it work with powder milk?

Nazir Shekh says:

its very good

Prabavathi Npcp says:

can we use this cheese for pizza

Kaivalya Sharma says:

how to make wheat flour cake?


this is paneer ….not cheese..

thetravelinghermit says:

I came for the ‘cheese’ (cheese needs rennet btw); I stayed for the hand model!

Afreen Nasir says:

yes it is paneer it is called indian cottage cheese in india

Xav iPadmini1 says:


Faraz Zubairi says:

Great recipe! For cream cheese, how much should I strain the curd?

Hp videos says:

ye to paneer he

Helloise Silayo says:

this is paneer not cheese and you can use it as a pizza topping but not as a substitute for cheese

Rohit Gope says:

Who gives 649 likes? Its paneer not Cheese

Sadiya Shaikh says:

this is cottage cheese not regular cheese!! hope you know that.

Yashoda Maithreyi says:

not Chees… it’s paneer.

Dipankar Saha says:


Paris queen says:

just making fool Cheese kum nd bakwass paneer jada lag rha hai

Tarun Banerjee says:

yeh to paneer ban gaya!

Rumana Hossain says:

This is not cheese

Donia Gonzales Copeland says:

Love it.

Anita Barmecha says:


bhavesh parmar says:

it is shreekhand stupid

Pearl Enterprises says:

it is a paneer not cheese


your ideas are soo good tnx for uploading this video

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