How Cheese Is Made

“The better the milk, the better the cheese. Everybody believes that.”

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese:

5 Spoke Creamery:

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link89 channel says:

Winnie nitz berry instagram please she is my crush and i have never seen anyone more beautiful…this is the last and the final time i will fall for anyone..

김소현 says:

I don’t like cheese at all and i don’t know what i’m doing here and why that video was on the home page

blue cheese says:

Cheese makes me orgasm.

beans lmao says:

whoever edited this video needs to die

Lee Smith says:

What an awful voice. Why do loads of American women talk with a grating horrible croaky voice?

Diah IrawatiRabih says:

Who like cheese like

Nicole says:

why is this in my recomended, *why am i even watching this i hate cheese*

OG Dazzle says:

U nigga

izzy says:

Say cheese cheesey people

Vishal Eswaran says:

Awesome! 🙂

Emily Marie says:

This video was amazing but then again I thought it was too cheesy.

세빈 says:

와.. 사람 손을 다 거치는 거임..?

Melon Eater says:

*Is it just me but after seeing this video, does anyone else feel sick? And somehow now been put off by cheese…?*

Hassan rizvi says:

So satisfying..

salty,sweet andspicy says:

CHEESE IS GROSS but i like it

Oreyx 15 says:

Take a shot every time she says cheese

Nathan Ramsey says:

like I am not judging, but you seem to really really really like cheese…

Aristhetic says:

this is why i’m vegan

izzy says:

There is so much cheese its so cheesey

Melon Eater says:

*Just get her plastic surgery to be a mouse for her birthday, or cheese! I’m sure she’d love that.*

Roumya Das says:

so yummy

AnOkayGamer says:

meet the girl who is addicted to cheese

shyamu sistla says:

This is porn to me!

Nubby Wizard says:


Mohammad Sahal Qureshi says:

Wait what? I thought it came from the moon……

Mohammed Owais Ansari says:

She sounds like the American Pie actress.

ivan aris says:

This video is so cheesy

capsaicin says:

$20 a lb. cheese. Scoff. Ok. lol. Yeah if i had money to burn.

jacob shears says:

Look at all that cancer causing artery clogging cow secreations, fucking disgusting and immoral to treat cows like this. Should be ashamed of yourselves.

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