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If you’re interested in learning how to make your own Nacho Cheese sauce here’s a recipe that you may want to give a try. It only has a few ingredients and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes.

Homemade Nacho Cheese Sauce RECIPE LINK: http://bit.ly/1H8Ql2b
Grand Diamond Seasoning Products LINK: http://bit.ly/1poQoKb

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My love TV says:

I’m doing this tomorrow

David Castlin says:

This is such a great recipe

kiera618618 says:

Does anyone know if the cheese will stay warm and “loose” if you keep it in a crock pot on warm?

Kathleen says:

I love your recipes! Having a Super Bowl party – I’m making your tequila lime wings, chicken verde nachos and your cheese sauce…love your food

Tanwir Khan says:

Thanks for this . .. will try and let you know how it went

Hunter Cook says:

damn this looks fire

Juta Irwin says:

can i use non-chedder cheese?

Queendee3428 says:

Can I use mild cheddar instead of sharp?

n Dj says:

your nachos look really tasty, great job and thanks for the tips.

Tina H. says:

your commentary had me crackin up, I loved it haha

Home Lady1 says:

Yes!! Another hit!!

Lala Sinatra says:

looks gooooooooddd

monstercook creplacestheo says:

Good stuff right here!

Mohamedhosny Gawad says:

I like it

Mike & Fefe plus five The Lamb family says:

I love you channel and hair : ) can you please check my channel out https://youtu.be/9ZHhCG6J6Ag

Dubstep Gaming !!!! says:

°¬° im droolin´ looks soooooo good my phone is a little Hungry now. OHMAHGAWD

Jiovanna Aguila says:

Thanks for the tip! I never knew that about pre-shredded cheese.
Love this video!

americanthai1 says:

Great Recipe. Worked Perfect. Thanks

Diaben0u0 says:

Does this work with things like almond milk and nutritional yeast?

ann jenkins says:

i do like this method but however i like that it sits in the double boiler so it keep warm and stay melty. a cast iron skillet can keep it warm as well. i can’t wait to make some of this with some avocado sauce grilled chicken, olive, banana peppers hmm yum or ground turkey instead of grilled chicken. 🙂

Jason Kay says:

Thanks for posting 🙂

Ayesha says:

which type of cheese did you use

Kerry Small says:

Ready grated (shredded) cheese is coated with a little flour so that it doesn’t all clump together in the bag. 🙂

Tejas Patel says:


Question, did you put the butter in the pan and switched the heat or did you add it to a hot pan?

Alexis Barit says:


chewee2k says:

NIce recipe. Looks delicious. Thanks.

Body Boss Fitness LLC says:

Never knew that about bag cheese, thank you.

Jules Woodbury says:

thank you for your video i just have two things to criticize never, for your ownsafety and the safety of your viewers put a glass bowl over steaming water, it might crack and fall into the pot, also for the cheese sauce, put very little milk into the roux, stir firmly until all the milk gets evaporated and absorbed then proceed this process until you get a very thin beshamel. if your beshamel is too thick it will have the consistency of tar after you put the cheese in

Imy Manz says:

Damn, shit looked off the chain at the end.

DatBoiReckless says:

Will chili powder wk just as fine? Or does it have to be Cheyenne pepper?

Neecie Powless says:

did anybody make this ? how was it?

Karl Shifflett says:

Great tips for predictable outcome. Thank you!


Theres nothing more beautiful than seeing a black woman cook. Something magical is happening here..

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