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How to Make Homemade Fresh Cheese フレッシュチーズの作り方 We would appreciate it if you could add subtitles for this video! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=z9D9jpuplBo Thank you for your support!
(approx. 100g/3.5 oz)
300ml Whole Milk (10 fl oz)
30ml Heavy Cream, 36% fat or substitute: non-dairy whipping cream (1 fl oz)
100g Plain Yogurt (3.5 oz)


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exlibrisas says:

Francis is a guy, so why in a world he is decorated as a girl?

Miju Rahman says:

do we need to add the yogurt?

The666VampireGirl says:

my boyfriend is gonna make so much homemade cheese, that we’ll be eating cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner

KamuiLupine says:

I love this recipe! It is easy and looks tasty. I’ve made soft cheese before and it’s easy, but this is more simplistic. Thank you for posting!

superbDOG46 says:

lol Francis looks sad because Chef didnt give him some.

Hollie P says:

how much of the ingerngts do I use

josé CR says:

Subtitulos en español , gracias

Zhafa Yuda says:

I Trying in my home
Very Delicious
Thank You Cooking With Dog

MichiMi DanDae says:

Gracias! quedó súper rico! <3

Susilo Cahyono says:


Mrigaya Das says:

I think this is basically cream cheese..

Crown Bearer says:

Can I omit the heavy cream?

zombieater666 says:

Yes please make a cookbook!

FiveAyam says:

‘dont throw it


azaimeon says:

Chef’s smile is so wonderful. This fresh cheese recipe looks really good as well.

MegaScarletti says:

Hello Francis and Chef, I love your videos! so many beautiful delicious things!

May I ask you, I notice Chef uses a small single burner, like I whould use for camping. Is this set up for the videos or is it usual in Japan to cook this way everyday? Does it use gas canisters, or are you supplied by the mains?

Thank you! 🙂

T Rex says:

I love to see Francis still active and happy! It warms my heart, knowing he’s an older guy. Thank you, Chef, for loving Francis!

spaaggetii says:

This is cheese curds, not actual cheese. not even cottage cheese. This is just the first step of making cheese. Shame on you Francis!

CookingwithMani says:

Huh, surprisingly easy. I always assumed cheese-making was some long and difficult process.

Andini Rizkyka says:

Omg you available indonesian subtitles

Duong Tran Thuy says:

can this kinda cheese be use for cooking? and does it taste like real cheese? please reply me!

La Greñas says:

Francis sounded like he wanted cheese at the end :p

GirlWIthMarkers says:

I made this cheese today following Chef’s instructions and it was perfect! I put the cheese on the cracker with some homemade raspberry jam and a sprinkle of sea salt. Delicious!

puchi garcia says:

me: * watching like francis

Minh Tâm Phạm says:

Hi, Chef. Can I skip the heavy cream in this recipe?

Zaiho says:

“The liquid is called whey. It is full of nutrients and is very healthy so don’t throw it a(whey).”


Daniel Hua says:

What type of cheese is this

Zhen Jun Yap says:

i tried. it did not work with yogurt. i added some rice vinegar at the end. finally it worked! i did not add cream though. just whole milk + plain yogurt + rice vinegar. taste great

3pixCheerioz says:

“Don’t throw it a whey”…

Westward Eggplant Studios says:

I was watching this with my brother and it was that time of the day where everything is comedy gold. I start laughing. And then, I just started crying because I knew we had no plain yogurt and no heavy whipping cream. My brother was like “Dafuq?” and just say “Wouldn’t you like to try the cheese too?”, still crying because I was tired and wanted soft cheese.

Amy Biggs says:

I’ve been watching her videos for the last 5 minutes and I’m now starving.

Sara Mishima says:

muchas gracias por el idioma me hace muy feliz gracias

Lee Phương says:

I tried the recipe and idk why the texture turned out really clumpy and dry. I mixed with milk to made cheesecake, it also didnt blend well T.T

ASAplus says:

i do love your channel ♥

Bunny says:

I love how Francis and Chef always create minimal waste when cooking and encourage us to reuse food for other recipes instead of throwing it away. It is one of my favourite things about Japanese cooking. 🙂

Redhatul Irma says:

can i use this cheese as subtitute of mozarella cheese?

Talin A says:

Don’t throw the whey a-WHEY.

Angel Su says:

could you use greek yogurt instead of plain yogurt? I always get plain greek yogurt since I like the thicker texture, but I’m willing to get normal yogurt if I can’t use greek

jmluc90 says:


Shimauma007 says:

You said that the cream is to make the cheese creamier than cottage cheese. Is it possible to to just use milk and yogurt to get more of a cottage cheese texture?

bunnyfreakz says:

Francis and chef please remake Japanese Hot pot and Gyudon recipe

superbDOG46 says:

i wish when Francis was still alive he could have a TV show

Jaqueline Lizandra says:

Socorro tem legenda em português ♡. amei o cachorro

Kristel B. says:


Anjili Veach says:

This would also be delicious with sun-dried tomatoes! I don’t know how widely available they are in Japan though.

Nagem1617 says:

Thanks, now all those addicted to cheese will now have it readily available! So long as we have milk and yogurt there will be cheeses!!

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