Healthy Macaroni & Cheese Recipe | Nikki Dinki’s Kraft Style Mac & Cheese

I’m sharing Nikki Dinki’s HEALTHY Kraft Style Macaroni + Cheese!

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catmac2011 says:

Can’t wait to try this!

Tellie Hack says:

I like it! Great idea kicking up the food value but keeping a little bit naughty cheesy. Good trade off I think especially for kids. Big kids like me like this healthier version mmmm comfort food

Adri's Journey says:

WHAT!! Looks yummy!

Bobby Weaver says:

I’m going to add a little bacon to mine. Great recipe.

Rachel Price says:

I can’t believe you are calling this healthy with that garbage of American cheese in it!

Tereze Johansson says:

looks real nice, i have to try this!
is it just me or is the speed turned upp – the talk and the music is speedy, gave me a stressed heartbeat lol

Life as Laney says:

I’m going to have to try this soon! My son can’t have any dairy so this is perfect as I can just use vegan cheese!

Augustina Gonzales says:

I love this woman so much, she was the first one to start my clean eating diet! Thanks so much DANI!

Anna Komis says:

What is going on between people and gluten?! We have been eaten gluten( in different forms of bread etc) for thousands years and every one was fine except some small amount of people who sadly have a Celiac disease! And now all of the sunned every one is a gluten intolerant! Since when?!

Terry Walker says:

You almost lost me with the plastic cheese..not too clean. I rather add the milk and butter than the platic cheese. But I will definitely will try without! My son loves mac and cheese. Great way to get good stuff in there!

Bee says:

any substitute for sweet potato? hate them. also, what’s wrong with gluten?

Najerea says:


Ashley Lawton says:

Looks really good. Will try it. I may even just eat the veggies out of the blender as a soup by adding more stock

Marisa Brocco says:

Great video especially for kids. Better than the boxed stuff.

Enny Schlaghecke says:

I think this recipe would be much more healthier without cheese. I would use yeast instead of the cheese. The idea to take more vegetables is a very good one! Many greetings, Enny from Holland.

TurtleRawrrs says:

I bet using a mixture of muenester and a really good cheddar cheese would be good if you don’t care for the processed cheese taste lol Love veggie styled mac and cheese though, thank you for posting this!

rocketstar says:

That looks so good

Michelle Stewart says:

looks delicious! I have to give this recipe a try; thanks!

TheCandyShow says:

This looks wonderful. I can’t wait to give it a try!

MrKhudh says:

you just made my life easier

ispeak4detrees says:

You guys, stop freaking out over the cheese slices. It’s just a “healthified” version with more nutrition than the original. It’s like bacon bits in salad, which is healthier than just bacon. Just don’t add the cheese slices, or do, nothing major will happen.

Pandy Payne says:

American cheese? We all know that has nothing to do with cheese, sorry. It’s not healthy for me.

Rose1087 says:

Literally salivating

Bunny Rabbit says:

Shouldn’t it be “healthful”? I could be wrong. I’m asking just to make sure.

LEAF says:

Ah! This is a cool twist on a favorite dish. Love it – Binge watching all these videos!!

Bridget Umphryes says:

wow that looked incredible everything that i love

SippinSalsa says:

This looks fantastic!

Annie Love says:

I gotta try this !!!

Krittie In the City says:

This looks so yummy! I love veggies so I need to try this!

Aina T says:

Hi Dani, would it work with japanese sweet potato?? other sweet potato (yam) kinds..dont work for my stomach 🙁 thanks for sharing in advance- this seems clever mac and cheese to me!! 🙂

Alyssa Panetta says:

I love Nikki Dinki! Thank you for sharing this.

Fuz K says:

Jeez guys..If you dont wanna use the american cheese..No1 is forcing you to do so. Use whatever you want in your own recipe.

kiwifruitkl says:

– I usually use my holey spoon instead of draining the pasta. It works the same.
– Being of East Asian descent, I am not accustomed to eating much cheese. Though, I really do like cottage cheese and mozzarella cheese, because they are milder in flavor than American or cheddar cheese.

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