Green Mac & Cheese

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A Caucus Race
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

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domesticV1190XxOo says:

I like how they added the “here we go again” when they topped it with mozzarella cheese. Cuz we know tasty is a stickler for adding cheese to like everything lol

Lily Is Awesome says:

why does the “shredded mozzarella” look like string cheese that was cut up

Sickly SweetTM says:

imagine if Shrek had his own restaurant

Tasnim Tabassum says:

Such a waste of cheese.

ArmyofMomiji says:

This might be good for Halloween dinners

JazzTLQ says:


Daemon Ember says:

Should have done this around St Patrick’s day

Nig Man says:

Looks like the aftermath of when I order a salad sandwich from Subway

Melissa Sawyers says:


zorrento14 says:

I got a gallbladder stone after watching this

Meshes says:

lets have green tea kitkat for dessert

Sebby Senpai says:

When y’all gonna make pot brownies on this channel??

Leanne Tran says:

Do green eggs and ham next

Fun4Ever X says:

Something Granny Relda would make ( if you know were that from… ur an amazing human being

Heyo Ki says:

This is how you can tell thet they’re running out of ideas

StupidPurpleUnicorn says:

This isn’t mac n cheese at all. This is mac n sadness.

Nuhayr Nazir says:





rebelliousmaya says:

y’all got Dr. Suess in the kitchen now?

The Legendary Blink Urjaa says:

simply grind some corriander and milk and add green food coloring! No need to eat them spinach! and why make it healthy with greens when ya’ll gonna eat cheese anyway!

RnC says:

that looks scary.

Valerija Sendekovic says:

Just add food coloring.

Carla Holmes says:

All of you butthurt about people saying it looks disgusting. Move on people are allowed to have opinions ignore it. Come on man is 2017.

caitlin synder says:

gene Anybody know worse than this vidko? 3.

Tina Kokoro says:

I made it and it was actually delicious lol

Mimi Chan says:

omg looks so gross for some reason xD…

Tasnim Tabassum says:

Is it vegan month?

Mogoi 1 says:

Seagulls shit

Pallas Cats Are Awesome says:

Am I the only one who actually wants to try it?

Matthew Breslin says:


Renu D says:

I’ve had something similar to this and it’s definitely one of my favourites! Recommend it for sure!

xBully Warpx [GD] says:

*Green is not a creative color*

Sayon Das says:

Palak panner but with shredded cheeze

CarlaCat Yo says:

What about avocado ._.

Joshua Espinosa says:

Can you please hurry and make the Android app already!!

steven the rc king says:


WhyNot? says:

You nasty chump!

A Dream says:

I would’ve done Kale/parsley then mixed shredded parmegiano

Ashley Daniels says:


Marble Vega says:


Black Excellence Productions says:

Making it!

SKShadow_ Kid says:

It looks like Shreks sh*t, but I’d still eat it….

Sana Lulu says:

Birch you talkin bout some GREEN mac and cheese!??!?

Pug money says:


Ana Vasquez says:

This would be a great dish to have on halloween haha

Grace fahy says:

This music tho. Cringeeeeee

Ethan Chen says:

cooking with shrek

matanuska high says:

my poop is this color and texture when i eat fruit loops cereal…

John Goebbels says:

nu-male and cheese

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