Fill The Chicken With Cheese And Fold It. So Easy, But Delicious!

*Cheese-Stuffed Chicken Breast with Tomato Sauce*

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You’ll need (for 3 portions):

– salt
– 3 chicken breasts
– 5 oz shredded mozzarella
– flour
– 2 eggs, beaten
– breadcrumbs
– 13½ fl oz tomato sauce
– oil for frying
– 3½ oz grated parmesan
– 2 tbsp basil, chopped

Here’s how:

1. Sprinkle your work area with salt. Place a chicken breast on top, sprinkle some salt on it, and cut the meat half-way through on one side so that you will be able to stuff it. Fill with mozzarella and then firmly squeeze the meat together. Repeat with the rest of the chicken breasts.

2. Dredge the stuffed chicken breasts in the flour, egg wash, and finally in the breadcrumbs. Make sure the chicken breast is entirely coated in breadcrumbs and the final coating doesn’t flake off. Repeat with the rest of the stuffed chicken breasts.

3. Fry the breaded chicken breasts in hot oil until golden brown on both sides.

4. Fill a casserole dish with about three quarters of the tomato sauce and place the fried chicken breasts on top. Spread the rest of the tomato sauce on the meat.

5. Sprinkle parmesan cheese and basil on the breaded chicken breasts, put the casserole dish in the oven, and bake at 360°F for 20 minutes.


Asude says:

i’m sorry but

chicken stuffed with mozzarella wrapped in parmaham with a side of homemade mash potatoes

Nickolas Solis says:

Are you serious with that salt???

Claudio Benitez says:


14773 Pine Cone Way Magalia California 95954 says:


Ashok Patel says:

Yummy I liked it

الخير فيما اختاره الله الله ربي says:


Lubus Maximus says:

Salt is overused here, in America, in your home,
Do whatever you want

Most food already has salt in it, inherently
Particularly meat

Take care, have fun!

K06E says:

That much cheese alone is 1000+ calories

skye river says:

I tried to like this recipe…..but I added my own twist to make it good….like some seasoning.
Mrs dash garlic n herb seasoning, seasoning salt, onion powder, dried basil and parsley and I seasoned the meat and the flour and bread crumbs and took it easy on the sauce so it wouldn’t get soggy.

Oh yeah yeah says:

This is why Americans are obese

Cxrnage Vibes says:

The thumbnail looks like a vag

Humble Lykeme says:

But you didn’t season the chicken…it’s tasteless chicken

whoyoukidding1 says:

I’m laughing reading some of these comments. People, they’re merely demonstrating an easy way to make stuffed chicken breast. If you don’t think there’s enough seasoning, then season yours with a ton of whatever seasoning you like. Too much sauce? Don’t use as much, or none at all. Don’t like cheese? Then stuff it with spinach, or cat food, or whatever you like! Concerned about a wood cutting board and handling chicken without gloves? Go out and buy a stainless steel table or a slab of glass. Also, go buy a hazmat suit with thick gloves, so you don’t infect yourself while prepping your food. Geez people, calm down!

Aleena Sheikh says:

Price of mozrella cheese in Pakistan

giacomo zampieri says:

Finisco di vomitare e torno a vedere il video

Repjaws says:

Is it wrong that the thumbnail tuned me on?

Abhijit Suryawanshi says:

What flour did he used?

Igor 3307 YT says:


uniondude2 says:


Soledad and Calamity says:

America just discovered San Jacobos and flamenquines

Saheli S says:


Random Guy says:

He beat his meat so hard

David Rivas says:

Hella fating

Jose Car says:

Shi got no flavor on everything bih put a picogram of salt

Vegan Man says:


The Gay Genie From Aladdin says:

The salmonella wont come off the cheese though…

Amy Sargent says:

People giving this a lot of hate but idk I think it looks really good

Katherina Walsh says:

Looks gross tomatoe purée on top of chicken eww

betty kuykendall says:


meraw says:

No need to abuse your chicken like this

Beerus Jeebus says:

The thumbnail looked…

Leesa Glover says:

Im gunna make this today

Armaan LaVette TV says:

Why don’t white people season their chicken?

Leo F says:

Why do white people hate seasoning

Happy Geek says:

Chicken Curry > This shit

Solace Romance says:

That looks really good holy smokes

Alon Alperovich says:

This really disgusts me, because you talk like you invented the wheel or something when you just made a worse version of cordon blue

Im Bunk says:

My last brain cell

kierra Denee says:

Good idea but def gonna have to jazz it up

Tainted Walnuts says:

This nigga didnt SEASON shit the lil bit of fucking salt

Thunder Storm says:

Sorry but I’m not measuring my cheese

J1un28 says:

I like how. U put the thumbnail and the thumbnail is the first video that comes up thx

Mirelle Fritz says:

Anyone else think the thumbnail looks like female anatomy? Put me right off…!

Draco says:

I swear white people and their “dash’s of salt”

C. Matt Scott says:

Chicken parm but worse

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