Easy Homemade Cheese Sauce Recipe

Homemade cheese sauce, made from four simple ingredients, can be an amazing addition to your cooking skills. I mean, come on, what CAN’T you put cheese sauce on? Click here for the recipe http://goo.gl/d7KB9h

Making your own cheese sauce doesn’t need to be so scary. As long as you follow a few simple tips, you will have a creamy sauce that will keep everyone coming back for more.

My husband is the resident cheese sauce maker, so one evening I was able to capture his cheese sauce making process. I wanted you to be able to SEE what it looked like, so that you have a good idea of what to look for when you make your own. This process involves lots of stirring and a bit of patience. And if you are like my husband you might include a pint of beer to enjoy while you are doing all of the stirring.

You may notice that my husband never measures anything. Remember? When I asked how much milk he was adding he said, “Enough.” The whole time he was adding milk he was waiting for the perfect consistency. When he got there, he knew it. When he was adding cheese, he was looking for a fantastic cheesy taste. He added cheese until it tasted right. Making cheese sauce really couldn’t be simpler and with practice, yours will be amazing too!


Christopher Biayi says:

Where did you get that cheese

Sandra Samuels says:

this video is popular so many comments :1M

keltin quesnel says:

This a useless video ! What a waste of my time watching it !

urafricanqueen3 says:

Thank you for this upload

Yugal Mehra says:

Sipping whiskey while making Cheese Sauce makes Sauce better as you did.

Joshua Brande says:

Easily a pound and half of cheese or more in the mix. Oh so good! I also put in garlic and onion granuals while stiring.  I’m sillly like that.

MakeMoreMusicOk says:

What is the song used in this video?

Izzy Deeprose says:

Hoe much milk did you use?

*乂••ïïClorox Bleachïï••乂* says:


Chastity Embick says:

*tells you how much you need for each ingredient except milk*

Angel C says:

i just melt powdered milk and put some pack of chiz whiz on it and let it simmer until chiz whiz grts completely melted then some pepper and garlic powder and done hahaha

Sushma Kaura says:

Please specify type of cheese added- processed or morzella or cheddar cheese.

Zindzi Okeyo says:

i have all that exept the cheese

Geneve Kisson says:

God damn it . Why don’t you just dump the cheese already

Jacob Chacko says:

What type of cheese did you add into the milk??

Jaguar GamerTDM says:

I would just melt the cheese and that’s it

Fane Latu says:

I tried this recipe with bow tie posta and it was so good

Izabela Sierdzinska says:

That was so good thank you

Nitz Sommerlath says:

how long can i keep it after i cooked it?

Peter Selby says:

Mate. Cooking something else but just came back here for the music! Goddamn tune is firmly stuck in my head. Nice work. 🙂

Brandon Escoe says:

This is not cheese sauce, it’s milk sauce

Izzy Deeprose says:

How many people was this for?

Teal'c says:

you damn son of a gun

Michael Finn says:

try talking

Paul Ansell says:

Whats the piece of music called? – its really catchy. Oh Yeah! the sauce is really good too.

Mary Palau says:

what is this song??

sue koh says:

What kind of cheese to use

Goku Black says:

Just made the best cheese sauce ever

char -knee says:

This changed my. . . . Sauce.
Thank you!

Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks says:

in not trying to be a critic bit it looks like you made a simple recipe complicated and your hand must be tired from stirong. I like the music tho. maybe use cream instead of milk and it won’t take 30 minutes to stir and thicken milk.

VirtueEst05 says:

Thank you for this great video!

Jo Yee says:

what kind of milk did u add? condensed, evap or fresh milk?

Love Lee says:

Thumbs up just for the Bob Marley reference! Haha

Teemo says:

Wait, are you using one of those head massage sticks?

maria sabah says:

what is the name of this cheese?

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