Easy Grilled Cheese Recipe

Let’s not overcomplicate things, shall we? Sometimes you want a classic, no-fuss grilled cheese. Forget the fancy bread, caramelized onions, pears, or whatever else you can do to multiply the steps in creating this simple tradition. Here’s something to cook when you don’t feel like cooking.

Easy Grilled Cheese Recipe: http://bit.ly/2aritlr


Raggy Ragsdale says:

Great way to make these! Super vid! Raggy

r03hls3ph says:

Had no idea how to make grilled cheese until now

Matthew Perez says:

Its the simple things in life that are the best =)

DizLiKhmerKid says:

Hey I noticed that your cheese had 2 colors in it. Is there a guide on how to get 2 cheeses mixed together? thanks

clubsuperduty says:

No Supertaster review? No Doritos Consommé? What is you tube coming to?

Gary Singh says:

Holy shit, there needs to be a guide on grilled cheese? What’s next? How to boil water?

Hamza Boumarouane says:

There is a perfectly good video on how to make a grilled cheese sandwich, why make another one ? Who’s your content manager Chow ? He gotta get his ish together, maybe offer him some doritos consommé ?

Kr En says:

Looking forward to slicing bread!!!

Kilex says:

This is pan fried not grilled.

knocknockify says:

Shredded cheese vs Kraft singles?

richard zapatero says:

No shit.

cFc FiRe says:

Do the burnt parts add that southwestern kick. That might explain the lack of Doritos consommé.

TheFileSharersRedux says:

that’s burnt. you couldn’t do another one?

MayofPie says:

This is wrong

CubanFury says:

Burnt shit!!!!

TMOFApollios says:


P atrick says:

I think this video is a fuck you to the dorito consomme comments lmao

ytube777 says:

heat was too low to melt the butter, then you burnt the bread insides, then the heat was too high and the outsides were under and not evenly toasted and, to top it off, you’re missing the doritos consomme.

Cujucuyo says:

WTF would you burn it?

bondagegel says:

Finally, an easier way. An easier way to fuck up our YouTube channel.

Søren Hou says:

This joke has gone on far enough Chowhound…

Claire Sharbino says:

Hmmmm…..I’ve never thought to toast both sides of bread. Gonna have to give it a go!

Ryan B says:

thats not burnt to me, i love bread darker lol its all personal preference.

Jacob Summer says:

will you pee in my mouth?

kris200998 says:

you’re doing it all wrong

Xaeravoq says:

try sourdough bread sprinkled with salt and pepper for the best grilled cheese. make sure you spread the butter evenly too.

Jeremy Conrad says:

Wrong. American cheese from an individually sealed pouch is the only correct cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich.

Maxircus says:

I’m so used to hear “oh yes!” at the end of the video from neighboring channel

mikecantreed says:

Wtf was this? Thought chowhound was a foodie website. I want some secret grilled cheese tricks.

Bullshit Detector says:

Burnt the bread. Morons.

Bo Chen says:

Dorito consomme.

Salty Diarrhea says:

I didn’t know there was a way to fuck up grilled cheese without adding sour cream to it.

Chowhound proved me wrong.

ShinRyuuken says:

Well that is one way to do it.
Usually mine is assembled then cooked on a griddle.
May try it this way once.

ChardOfMight says:

Too complicated, I tried this and now my cat has a Master’s degree and gravity is sideways

Smoove says:

This meal would go great with doritos, but I don’t want them just out of the bag. I wonder if there’s another way to eat doritos without the crunch so I can get a southwestern kick with my lunch.

Priscilla Svilla says:

if you don’t know how to make grilled cheese please stay out of the kitchen… like forever

David Barquero says:

It’s freaking burnt

ultimaetsolder says:

The inside is too well done, and the outside does not look done enough. Its like you made this video without caring too much. 🙁

Bao Doquang says:

needs a southwestern kick

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