Easy & Delicious Raw Vegan Cream Cheese Recipe!

Easy & Delicious Raw Vegan Cheese Recipe! This is a cruelty-free and savory “cheese” recipe you will love! Eat it with flax crackers, celery, and more! Turn on notifications on my channel so you can be updated with I upload new videos! Subscribe to my YouTube channel here and follow my Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/fullyrawkristina and snapchat (fullyraw) as well. Sending many hugs!

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Julia says:

awwww looks so heavenly!

hellogoodbyeapplepie says:

I don’t think she’s gotten fat people! However, Kristina your face has really rounded out (look up moon face) and can be a sign of hormonal problems. Take a blood test.

Samantha Ellen Lambert says:

Did you soak the nuts and seeds first?

Isen Nesi says:

have to try this 1

Sulekha Vargas says:

How many calories do we need to have when u decide to be raw?

York Smith says:

does this work with a simple mixer ?

zullyvette muniz says:

that looks amazing !!!

Kelli Wallace says:

This was actually pretty good. The only thing I would change, personally, is less lemon juice and more cashews. It’s a different texture than I’m used to, but still pretty good.

Ashley Comstock says:

Hi Kristina! I love this recipe! It really does taste like cheese! I made an alteration and actually added juice from some of my blood oranges and man was it delicious! Thanks for sharing my its now my new fav!

preethi philip says:

did u put on weight??

Mortimor Gg says:

i am going to go raw sooner or later. but now im vegan and veganism isnt my ultimate goal. the raw lifestyle seems really easy to me but i think when i am around 20 ill probably do it

Iben Aagren says:

want to hit the bell but can’t find it 🙁

Xeno Saya says:

Yumm 🙂 Eat this with simple cucumber chips.

Michelle Keller says:

Mmmmm I will be making that ASAP!!! 🙂

Colleen Williams says:

I am making this, THIS WEEKEND, I can’t wait…I hope my blender makes it this smooth.

chaniecekinglife14 says:

I can totally do raw but I can’t give up white rice r oats in my smoothie:(…. awesome video <3.

Ms Y E A says:

After 12 years of being vegan, you can remember what real cheese tastes like?

SimonaLyne Enderz says:

How much can you consume for your daily fat take? A cup? I wouldn’t think the filled bowl you displayed (2.5 cups) would be over the limit.

Yumiko Kawai says:

Aloha e Kristina, is there a solution/replacement for the cashews? I have a nut allergy. Could I just leave it out? Mahalo:)

isn.ne says:

I made this many times already!! It tastes wonderful!! Better than all the mock cheeses i’ve bought in stores. Recommend this so much to everyone, my non-vegan family loved it as well, even my little bro who’s a very picky eater! Thanks for the recipe

EFT with Annie says:

That bracket on your left wrist is gorgeous…where did you get it? Thx

Nicki Luescher says:

I think you look beautiful. If people criticize just look at their picture, it is usually self critic, called their shadow.

Holly Feray says:

Yummy in the tummy

ChelseyHijabLove says:

Ive asked before but no answer…I just got a food processor. How do I know when something should be blended or processed? Like this, I would assume a food processor but you used a blender…

Josias Wolhuter says:

That… seems like something i could actually try….

Heidi Hawkins says:

I’ve just made this and I’m sitting here eating it right now with my cat!!! Thanks for the recipe x❤️

Vivigirl1501 says:

I have no vitamix but a basic kitchenaid kinda machine.. works fine.. dont have to buy the expensive stuff. or get one second hand!
Tried this recipe. Not like cheese.. but thats ok since i dont really like cheese ^^ It is very nice! I used cumin, paprika, salt, thyme and green onions. But put in in the fridge for a few hours before you eat ist. tastes a lot better 🙂

Steve Sauer says:

Thanks so much!!! I love (vegetable) cream cheese. I love you FRKristina!!!

R&A Love says:

Your Beautiful !!!! and your doing a great job with all you do.. 🙂 Thank you very much ! i enjoy watching your videos , you come up with pretty neat ideas for eating raw vegan. 🙂

Ashley Armstrong says:

When will you be restocking with some of the products on your website ?! I really would love to buy a glass stray and the bamboo utensils

Nadege JUSTE says:

this week end I did a coconut yogurt. Not raw, because you heat the coconut milk, but a good option for people who want vegan yogurt

MyChannel+ says:

you forgot to mention that the water must be raw

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