Cheesy Crackers – Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe

Learn how to make Cheesy Crackers! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe!


mrotola28 says:

or just toss some cheese into a microwave for two minutes and your done (^_^)

moranarevel says:

why not use silpat?

rayh53 says:

I was thinking it would be a nice top layer to a meat pie.

thecatspajamasny says:

Those look and sound incredible!!!

Erin Howett says:

So…pie crust?

Abby Gold says:

Could you possibly make the dough in a food processor?

Anita Pizza says:

Wow, there’s not much butter in those! Healthy!

Devin Peterson says:

Five holes all the way, fuck the other numbers.

VEX says:

why did I think there was going to be a ton of cayenne in this

Gee Raffe says:

Chef John , making snacks for stoners since 2010 –

CityRuler1 says:

You say don’t use volume measurements and use weight.. but you used volume measurements in the blog… WHAT DO

Mimza says:


Sharon Zamarka says:

why does youtube “line out” my posts? Anybody know?!!!

Bluemilk92 says:

Arggh… Why do I watch these? I’m literally whimpering at the sound of that crunch. I want it sooooooo bad!

710LENNY says:

Monterey jack and cracked black pepper. Yummy

Rambler616 says:

Don’t know if Food Wishes checks the comments but what are some people’s thoughts on using parchment paper?
I’ve been using it in place of tinfoil because absolutely nothing sticks to it.

Frisk says:

I hated your voice… Now I love it. Your vids are too good.

FriendofWigner says:

These would probably be amazing ground up and sprinkled over Mac & Cheese, or put into meatballs/meatloaf.

Bill Mayhew says:

Those look delicious. Wow, those are some expensive little crackers though.

John Fox says:

You are a very evil man!

Thanks for sharing…..

GamingTaylor says:

The way you speak drives me innnsaaaaannnneeeeee. Dragging out the last word of every phrraaaaassseeeee.

Royce E says:

These are so good! I dont think I’ll ever buy cheddar crackers again.

Sonyami says:

I remember my mom making crackers similar to this. HEY MA, TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE GOLDFISH CRACKERS! Y U NO MAKE THEM NO MORE!?

Lazygirl55 says:

It looked great, you make me hungry

BridgetoSomewhere Myname says:

As if I don’t have enough recipes lined up to last a couple lifetimes. These are a must do. The cheddar-parmesan look beautiful and surprisingly crispy and airy. I’m also thinking gruyere and asiago, just happen to have some to use up. Maybe even some bleu cheese. Wouldn’t these make great gifts if you don’t eat them all yourself?

Samantha Spacey says:

OMFG DUDE! These look amazing! I totally am going to make this! Thumbs up! I subscribed!

gothgoonicky says:

you forgot to bake some sea salt on top of the crackers ;(

The AnnoymousUser says:

1:08 Guys!!! I saw his face

ThisIsEric says:

Im no cook but this is entertaining.

London1869 says:

You had me at “cheese butter.”

ApostleRon says:

might be nice to know what kinda flour to use

Mensur Grišević says:

i love these “recipes”.
I wish i could make them too… but hey, i’m a lazy piece of Shit…

GG Farber says:

he can give me a “thorough forking” if he talks to me like this

turbokungfu says:

I just made these! They’re great! I just saw a comment saying this is pie crust with cheese. What an excellent idea for a quiche!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big L says:

OGOCD = lmao

Henrik Høyrup says:

So it’s basically just a pie dough with cheese?

Devyani Ogale says:

Chef Jon, I made these and they turned out incredibly tasty. Only i forgot your OCD towards making the 5 holes in each cracker!!! Hence the sides did not get as crunchy as the middle. We still ate it up though. So now I am making another batch with the holes! Thank you!

Das Grinch says:

Yup, that’s the video that gets me to subscribe to your channel!

Beardynoob says:

Whoever spent all this time making these and spent 10 mins eating them, congrats.

Andrea Trimble says:

I am a cracker FREAK & cannot wait to try making a big ol’ batch of these for a cold, snowy night spent with a good book or classic noir movie!!!! 🙂

Rachiemeowpow says:

Hi Chef John, could you tell me what the docking actually does? Or is it just for appearance? Thanks!

Ra Leo says:

Your voice keep jumping tones, its kinda annoying/pleasant, I cant decide.

Brenda Joanne says:


Edi Muratov says:

Oh my, is that spanish?

ShenaniganZone says:

ogcd .. priceless

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