CHEESY BACON & CHEESE • Mukbang & Recipe

Today, I’m making cheesy bacon. Delicious, filling, & a great way to start the day. I hope you guys enjoy! Don’t forget to comment down below and let me know what you’re eating with me! 🙂
On the last day of each month, I publish a recipe mukbang, inspired by one of my viewers! I give this person a shoutout and promote their business/social media accounts in the video. To enter the contest, simply comment your favorite recipe under my videos along with your business/social media information. You may enter the contest as many times as you’d like by simply leaving comments with the recipe under multiple videos.

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Liam Murphy says:

Wow, I didn’t realize that people liked to spend there time criticizing others on their diet until I saw his comments

Hannah 10 says:

Cheeseyness hit her like a bullet through the bread ?????????????

Kaspisija Ištvirkiene says:

Omg you fucking gay.. fuck u.

jessica zhang says:

is that a big block of butter.

JJ InMyKitchen says:

lol…you made me laugh…too cute.

Amber-leigh Nuttall says:

ugh ffs guys leave him alone he is a amazing person just back off

Kevin cyclist says:

Haha eating meat like that you will become a man, not like those pussy vegans who cry for everything. I recommend you to try burgers.

Karen olivia says:

This is just disgusting. You stopped veganism for this ? Good luck with your futur health problems

Kikster Kiki says:

Wtf is wrong with you. Are you trolling? The last video you said you are not vegan anymore.

Chacha5678 says:

animal products only make mental problems worse. read “becoming vegan” by brenda davis, registered dietitian, to learn how to eat a balanced vegan diet. tip: it doesn’t include eating 10 avocados as a single meal as being balanced or healthy

Anahi Corral says:

Eat whatever u want however you dont wanna eat like this so much, its all about balance bby boy

TheMontrealGirl says:

Omg hahahaaah love your intro

Sliq Killa Rai says:

What even is the point?

Norah says:

i loved 2016!<3<3

blue lapiz says:

you act so gay. I love it.

swiftset says:

tbh that looks gross and over-processed af.

E B says:


Hannah 10 says:

So am I the only one that eats bacon with chopsticks?????

Conor Mcgregor says:


Honey Badger Is King says:

Good food choices. You must really be doing better. How does it feel to be a youtube views whore?

XxSuperChiiXx Boss says:

I love this video

danielle arizmendi says:

2016 was bad because the clowns

LO says:

this is so incredibly cringey my GOD

tessa sevieux says:

Is that butter with bacon and steak?

john P says:

yo man im not a fucking vegan, but that shit looks unhealthy as fuck.

Sunaesthetic says:

UGH! STOP just stop it right now Nick enjoys what he eats,And If you don’t then leave his mukbang videos I mean Just leave him alone ‘Omg nick the amount of soy is very unhealthy’ ‘you make a half hour video on how you don’t feel well, then eat crap like this every mukbang.. come on, use your head nick’ JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE. Unlike some fake fans off nick out there I + Other true fans Will stick with your channel no matter what desisons you make for your body.

Alien Dawn says:


Robert Gold says:

hablas espanol

Anna S says:

Let him eat the fuck he wants even if it is unhealthy it’s his choice not yours.

Rulo says:

So, Is this vegan? not hating

яти κενιη says:

Haha I love watching your videos you’re awesome! You brighten my day. Don’t let anyone bring you down, be happy for who you are

Sektor Frost says:

this is how I feel when I eat meat too 🙂

DakotaWide says:

Your so nasty

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