Step-by-step macaroni & cheese recipe, followed by an eating show!
RECIPE starts at 3:06 & MUKBANG starts at 5:48.

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Patrick Hukins says:

You look really healthy and slim in this

b dee says:

I’m sorry you had a bad experience with a Jehovah’s Witness. Most of us leave if someone says they aren’t interested and are in a hurry. Not everyone is the same. I’m glad you realize that.

Cecília Silva Brum says:

tu fala muito

Sanya Qadir says:

Does it taste good? I don’t think it does
I bet cheese doesn’t taste like this!

Gabe Hacks says:

I love watching noodle!!!

Dejanae Rainey says:

that looks so good

кяáмрцš- Àgàяїф says:

I’m eating a big breakfast from McDonalds

Emily Miller says:

God, you seem like such a sweet person! ❤️

Stefany Woichik says:

meu Deus casa comigo kkkkkkkk ❤

Alejandra Corona says:

he talks too much

Crystal Shell says:

i love you guys

Molly Sanchez says:

I LOVE noodle

Caylee Abrams says:

i love noodle

Tina Yerena says:

What’s happening to noodle?

Mari Panther says:

I love seeing him happy. Thats all I could wish for anyone.

Jericho stange says:

I’m eating pizza

Malajah Peterson says:

you have ocd I still love your channel

Kim landgraf says:

omg u are adorbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bjgaming job Studiobjj says:

for halloween nickocado gonna dress up like noodle and noodle is gonna dress up like nickocando haha

alexinthewood coolkid says:

yo he got a really cute green Bird

Sarah Cathryne says:

I love mr noodle

Melissa Sanchez says:


jj123 Weis says:

you are the best chanel ever in the the world! can you make a rating video off of my chanle please please

Emi Prim says:

When your camera falls…*gasp* LMAO 😀

Malajah Peterson says:

are you really going to eat that

Jodìanne or early like your vedos Johnson says:

I love noodle.

Melissa Sanchez says:

I did this but without there tomato

GardenHoseblanka1 says:

Wait wat

Sebastian Rodriguez says:


The Seaker says:

I’m eating a lego brick

Anaila Anderson tutorials says:

Why does he talk a lot in his mukbang

Raniyah Sonnier says:

do yhe hot cheeto challenge plz

DumBrunette says:

I gasped at 22:18 LOL

ogechi o says:

u are my favorite u always have something to say and u don’t brag about ur food I love u!!

Lou Bear says:


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