Let me show you step-by-step how to make Takis Mozzarella Sticks, inspired by HellthyJunkFood’s “Cheese Stuffed Takis” video. This is delicious, spicy (not too spicy), and extremely cheesy. Grab some food & let’s eat together! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in a comment; I read all of the comments and just might respond to you! See you tomorrow, Little Sloths! 🙂

On the last day of each month, I publish a recipe mukbang, inspired by one of my viewers! I give this person a shoutout and promote their business/social media accounts in the video. To enter the contest, simply comment your favorite recipe under my videos along with your business/social media information. You may enter the contest as many times as you’d like by simply leaving comments with the recipe under multiple videos.

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Dominique Maclin says:

are you gay

Goku kicks ass says:

is he gay

Andressa Club says:

enrrola demais pra ir direto ao ponto mas a receita é boa

Leeyah Seechan says:

YAY IM ASIAN!!! But wtf is durian?

Olivia Burroughs says:

do you think you’ll ever incorporate vegan recipes into your diet or use any vegan products again?

Perfect A says:

Takis cheese sticks!!!

Perfect A says:

Who is his fiance

Dannyelle Payne says:

u gay fuck boy that dud said i like them nice and big god help him

yomahfav says:

can you do a dance challenge

Xavier Ransom says:

gay ass bitch

Lisonya Witherspoon says:

making me hungry

J Lyon says:


Rachel Sepulveda says:

Everytime I see you && Wendy eat my mouth waters… I love the way yall eat.. make everything look/taste so yummy!!!

Penelope intheD says:

Baby’o…I love your orange fingers!…So cute! 🙂

M&M JR says:

I love how your snappy with greasy fingers

Dannyelle Payne says:

and u talk to much

Mitchell Russelburg says:

he is so cringy

CookingWithAmanda says:

I need that but…. I’m to lazy to make it

Kirby Robinson says:

play video games

derek bender says:

what is your Snapchat name


I think wendy’s eating show have to do this mukbang beacous she love takis

Gavin Cruz says:

forget the haters stay lit don’t let nothing get u down

king gamming says:

im tired of seeing ur homo gay looking ass in my suggestions

Ivan Flores says:

where did you get the spicy korean noodle

savage boy06 says:

your videos are stupid block me i dont care 1 bit lamest channel

joel james Mapiso says:

Hello I love your videos

Kirsty tirnh says:

I’m from Vietnam and I love durin too
Thank you

Alina Kuaea says:

that looks so bom

WR TOxic We Rule says:

Don’t be mean to gay peiple

Olivia Burroughs says:

how did you get over being grossed out by cheese? i get grossed out by the thought of it from all the vegan propaganda lol

/SN00PY GFM/ says:

Let’s go durian thanks (kisses back) I am Vietnamese but I was born in a America , I’m a sloth too <3

the ghost chain of dawn awx says:

why do you make these videos for people

Bubble X says:

whos mouth is watering

mario dominguez says:

how are your fingers Orange not red

Alecx Fernando says:

you are stupid

Nikocado Avocado says:

NEXT… Watch me eat Cheese Stuffed HOT CHEETOS!!! Check it out!

yomahfav says:

what happened to your finger

Benito Sotelo says:


Nancy Quinonez says:

that’s good I’m glad we saw this video and see how you make it


actually food sometimes does let the starving kids in Africa

Dragon Rage909 says:

Are you gay? Sorry just curious

alanis28100 says:

i love this

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