Cheese Onion Rings Recipe | Quick and Easy Crispy Cheese onion rings | Grandpa Kitchen

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Cheese Onion Rings Recipe | Quick and Easy Crispy Cheese onion rings | Grandpa Kitchen

Cheese Onion Rings Recipe | Quick and Easy Crispy Cheese onion rings | Grandpa Kitchen


Duggu Rahul Roy says:

The satisfaction which we get after help the one who is in need is really great !
This grandpaa deserve all the credit
The smile which people give after having his resipies are blessings to you …

Yo Kaze says:

He still going strong despite of his age

Victales GT says:

No words… Excelent video!

Cola Shooter says:

Grandpa dosa and mendu wada next time

Srey Meas says:

So yummy grandpa

Incredible Shweta says:

his smile make me smile…..

OrangeSoda says:

A LOT of crying was done that day…

Khan Zareena says:

Salute to u r patients. Grand pa daily I get tierd…as I watch u r videos…. I feel relaxed…..thank you so much….

April Ocampo says:

I super love you grandpa ❤ everytime i watch your videos you make me cry with happiness. GOD bless you and your grandkids that are helping you help people.

Eugen Black says:


amandeep saini says:

Most humble person on earth. Very rare to find on earth these days. May God Bless you with good health and happiness!

anjali singh says:

I love u

Mai Anh says:

Like <3

Dennis Thiha says:

only if I have a grandpa like thay

Lalyn says:

I love how they wait for everyone before they eat.

R J says:

What about pakoda or urad dhal vada, Indian delicacies. Its a great effort indeed. But Mostly, I see western food offlate, except biriyani!

حفصهه الشرقي. says:

Nice ❤

arpit agrawal says:

loved Your Work Guys!!!!! insane !!! salute From Whole India Guys✌

Louishana Torrentira says:

Thank you for helping kids and adults

بنت سوريا الحلول سوريا says:



helping other tata

استمر تننA says:


Willy Wonka says:

Looks so good even if grandpa used red onions which has stronger flavor. White onion should be used in this coz its sweeter.

HotShot Plays says:

I can’t believe grandpa didn’t cry cuz he didn’t get a chance to bite one of those


deathtoxic says:

” Quick and Easy Crispy Cheese onion rings”

DownTriangle says:

That is NOT Mozzarella cheese.

Pranti Nusrat says:

love u grand pa. u r amazing

snowblo1 says:

Grandpa showed me a recipe I’ve never seen before. He’s a saint & there’s so many good looking people in that village. And I love their complexions so much. Such beautiful dark olive colored skin. God bless you all

Evelyn says:

Blessing !

FOod STars says:

Who loves grand pa

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