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A big bubbling pot of molten cheese with bread, potatoes, tomatoes and eggs to dunk straight in… now that’s a party right? Not just an awesome swiss cheese fondue but also a recipe for homemade fougasse bread.

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Zach Carpenter says:

the candle holders are the same as the cups they used for the masala chai for tea three ways. tricky sorted, trying to trick us with the ol’ candle/teacup switcheroo

Chloe Weir says:

Question for people who know about this sort of thing: I’ve recently found masked with an abundance of both white wine and camembert cheese. Can I use Camembert for this kind of thing? Or is this sacrilege? Please advise!

JTBPlays DE says:

Haha I lived in France for a year and Gruyere is pretty much the most basic cheese available and is considered almost completely tasteless XD

awkwardly sadia says:

It was my understanding that for the bread, you needed two consecutive lines in the middle? (GBBO does not lie)

Rodica Dinu says:

you stole the recipe from Allrecipes channel… 🙁

Faisal Mutairi says:

Would white vinegar do the whine’s job??? Cause its acidey liquid i guss!!!! And ceep up the good work you guys make the youtube a better place to spend time in…!

Locket Angel says:

My family makes it with just gruyere and it’s delicious

Bernardette A says:

Best fondue I’ve ever had: smoked gouda and cheddar with hard apple cider and hennessy. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Fahim Rahat says:

Would a dry, sharp white grape juice work?

Jenny Lin says:

ummm is anyone else gonna comment on the adorable face Ben made when he had too much wine?!?! SO CUTE!

Emily Cowell says:

“eat your sprouts” napkins give pretty decent advice, who knew …

GaMeR Tv says:


Jankowski Jankowski says:

How do these guys only have 1.7 mil subs????

dan bisson says:


soukaina rochdi says:

hi can i replace wine with vinegar or rice vinegar ?

subaharan sasirega says:

How do you store quails egg?

chelcea squire says:

Bake off did that bread

Mugiwara98 says:

* adds a heaping spoonful *
“just add a PINCH of sugar…”

SahanTheMighty says:

You guys are the epitome of cuteness 🙂

Foo Factor says:

That makes Mike 31 this year :]

Everett Brown says:


Alex Daily says:

Can you use alcohol free white wine?

Billy Branting says:

Sounded like Ben said “people can get head next week” at 5:35

KcX Love says:

Can you do it with Milk

Planet C says:

Make a chocolate fondue it would be nice…

Fabiha Tasnim says:

Can you make a meal which is halal and Muslim friendly!!!

Abel Rodriguez says:

Fondue For Two! Fondue For Two! That’s some hot dish! Fondue For Two!

Kian Hartley says:

Can you dip bacon in that cheese

Sir BigBeard says:

I have been donating to charity water since I was 8, I am 14 now. It is a great cause

Soap Playz says:

I love fondue! I love eating it with olive bread potatoes and olives (I love olives with a passion I blame the Greek in me)

Aubryella Otero says:

Oi, cold water and fondue is just a stomach ache in the making

Elle77 says:

“Add a little pinch of sugar” *adds a whole tablespoon* -Ben

StarleePie47 says:

Dippy Dip.
That’s cute. 🙂

Jack Castle says:

I miss the hell out of this show.

Kathi B says:

the background music that played while they were preparing the bread reminded me of the sims

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