Cheese Balls | Yummy Cheese Balls snacks Recipe By Our Grandpa for Orphan Kids

Cheese Balls | Yummy Cheese Balls snacks Recipe By Our Grandpa for Orphan Kids

Cheese Balls | Yummy Cheese Balls snacks Recipe By Our Grandpa for Orphan Kids


Kawii Master says:

All I want to do is see them smile

H Baloch says:

The kids Pay for the food or u give as chertti

Hellzyead says:

Sensationalism at its fucking worst … Slow-motion and saccharine music … Goddamn you for exploiting your “grandpa” 😀 If you actually weren’t so manipulative, you’d get someone’s respect … but what you are producing is replicating cancerous entities that aren’t fit to be called wannabe infomercials starring Sally Struthers. Desperation causes a lot of people to compromise their humanity … but it takes true integrity to comprehend such a concept.

Abdi Mohamud says:

Luv u grand pa may u live long

Debjani Malakar says:

Good job…

626fp says:

I would love to come on down and help out with cooking, cleaning or feeding for the children!

CaT Vee says:

That looks so good.. Imma cry

MR JOHN says:

love you granpa❤

Love I love chris says:

Granpa i love you all i sub to you

Eduardo Sanchez says:

Hola abuelo, tu comida se ve DELICIOSA!!!! Y sobre todo haces ver tan fácil su preparación!!!! Gracias por compartir tus recetas!!!! Desde MÉXICO, te mando un gran abrazo!!!!
Hi grandpa, your food is looking DELICIOUS!!!! and you making easily!!!! Thanks for sharing your recipes!!!! From MÉXICO, I send you a big hug!!!!

Princesa gatita Galleta says:

Que gran ♥ corazón del señor y las personas q lo ayudan a cosinar

casper lee says:


Suresh Kumar says:

Don’t know how to pronounce red chilli powder but pronouncing doesn’t matter the love for the orphan kids matter

bugattilover13 merriam says:


Slushie-0180 Ethan Lagera says:

How big or small = love

Tracee Gestin says:

please, tell me how I can support you or donate funds :)) I love your videos; they’re amazing!

Shelly s says:

Looks so yummy

DJ FLappinG HOrsE says:

f the 510 people who disliked.

Alo_Official 22 says:

Omg the food he makes looks so delicious!

Loretta Huff says:

Good job

Brandon 567123 says:

What sauce are they using?

Tech Boy says:

Of which country are you

karla y fatima blos,retos y mas says:

Yo opino que agan pozole rojo

chandrakant pattan says:

Great cooking skill..

Nazihah Amir says:

All the food looks like they are all qood quality and grandpa even prepared the food using gloves and the materials and ingredients used are also looked clean. Im impressed with grandpa and his helpers. Keep up the good work grandpa and may God bless you..

NotTotally Sweet says:

It got my mouth watering all day!

Little Steve says:

that look amazing

Princesa gatita Galleta says:

Que ternura los niños lindos

Kaio Vinícius Alves Pinho De Mello says:

You all are the kind of people who make the world a better place. I admire all of your hard work to make these life’s kids better! love from Brazil <3

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