Can’t Get Enough Mac ‘n Cheese? Neither Can We!

From a super-easy, 5-ingredient sauce to BACON-MUSTARD PRETZEL-CHEESE-topped, welcome to mac n’ cheese nirvana!
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Your awesome says:

The second one looks like vomit. American cuisine is so weird

LiveLaugh MakeLove says:

I love Garlic too, who doesnt?

Zachary Lavender says:

None of these recipes are considered “healthy!” Very high in cholesterol and salt…

Gavin Burnes says:

The first one looked the best minus the mustard

HAWG! says:

I use to imagine Rachel sounding like mac an cheese in the bedroom about 20years ago.. now I get instantly soft!

EchoFox 69 says:

Mustard? Bitch you nasty. Quit ruining food

EDIT: Now mustard pretzels? What fuck are you smoking? Fuck outa here

LiveLaugh MakeLove says:

Good god this woman is so damn annoying!

Meeka b says:

I’m sorry but she is trying new flavor combos. That’s what a chef does. That is how recipes are made. We wouldn’t have the recipes we have now adays if we didnt test out new ingredients. Need to be open to food. The best tasting dishes are the ones that sound and look wierd but work to perfection.

Grandiose Pte Ltd says:

Healthy garlic k

MR. StickyLips says:

I… I think…
I think I just grew ovaries.

Nicholas Broun says:

1:04 my life story xD

rose10352 says:

She’s the jojo siwa of food

Judi Dunham says:

You came up with that??? I’ve been doing it that way for years. Never make a roux.

Bex is the word says:

So Welsh rarebit mac and cheese… ok totally would order that at the pub!! On a side.. get rid of the pasta and put it on crusty bread and grill…. nom

Tina Creekmore says:

Stop doing cooking shows. Your getting fat. You should be doing healthy cooking.

Maggie Bergman says:

Dijon mustard and rinsing pasta? What a tragedy…

stela nastase says:

“Atomic bomb”… thank u!

Shante Barze says:

I don’t know if I would like beer in my mac N cheese though that might be distasteful.


Allways in NYC since 1998
Even in 9/11/2001

Lily M says:

Why mustard?

USP .40 says:

Love the show, I watch every day if I can and I mean that. Please stop miss using the word “literally” my god girl, it is in almost every sentence “literally”.

Niall T says:

No wonder Americans a obease fatties. Yuk

Heather Cobb says:

How to make rachael spicy shrimp aglow Iloilo food net work 522k views

Patriot Troll says:

How long do you bake it?

Theodore Marakas says:

Rachael was so cute……now…..she has gained so much weight…she’s a porker…….stop eating so much !!!!! get on the treadmill !!!!!

Carlington Mascara says:

I have a feeling that these folks would applaud at her if she said she had to take a pee break.

عواطف الحربي says:

اخيرا لقيتها تجنن

Angela Tillman says:

One day I will make it to one of her shows!

Crash BanditLoot says:

This is absolutely ridiculous and all of these weak minded feminist women should find something else to get more excited about. Like a man that will fuck them and treat them right and give them a family. Also, this bitch is a total alcoholic. Lol so sad.

jackychannel says:

If its not elbows it’s not Mac & Cheese!

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