Hope you guys enjoy this recipe!! I’ve been eating this Mac & Cheese at least 3 times a week recently, haha. Even if you aren’t vegan, give it a shot! I bet you’ll like it 🙂 This vegan cheese sauce tastes amazing on broccoli too!


The Best Vegan Mac & Cheese:
Makes 3-4 servings
2 Carrots
2 Potatoes
1/2 an Onion
1 Cup Cashews (Raw unsalted are best!)
1 Cup Water
1 Vegetable Broth Cube
1 1/3 TBSP Nutritional Yeast
1 TSP Garlic Powder
Your Favourite Pasta

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Thank you for watching!! Let me know if you would like to see more vegan recipes xx


Cozzy's Creatures says:

A lot of people put lemon juice or lactic acid in as well. Does anyone find that that helps the taste or is it better without it?

YamiAlex224 says:

where can I gey nutrional yeast

Sam Baron says:

Just made this and honestly mine tasted pretty bad because I didn’t follow this recipie exactly I sort of combined this and the vegan yummies recipie. I did not use a bouillon cube, but instead used some of the water from the pot with the vegetables and added it in as sort of a broth and then I added a bit of cocunut milk with some apple cider vinegar mixed in to make vegan buttermilk. It ended up tasting way too oniony and spicy and mostly like a gross soup. I would suggest not using any onions in this recipie and using garlic powder and paprika sparingly. But this video is still really cool and it certainly was fun to make I want to tweak it and try it again in the future.

Emily Shay says:

I thought the girl behind her was like..7 ahah then she started talking

Sabrina Luna says:

Yours sounds amazing! Yes, I’ll try, for sure! Thx for sharing! 🙂

Fahm Saetern says:

Dude the song is

sasuke22dante says:

Are you vegan? I’m learning japanese and I’d love to know what being vegan in Japan is like, I’ve heard it’s pretty much vegan hell

Paula Odonnell says:

I love love love this recipe! ! although the cashews make it quite high in fat :/ I wonder if cauliflower would work as a replacement? since it does make a creamy sauce

HaveMercy says:

Another great recipe! I need to try this, I made a veggie mac and cheese dish for my channel check it out

jazmine smith says:

aww so hoppy thats cute I say that 2 sometiems even if it is an accident

sanablue1 says:

It’s a shame that cashews are so freaking expensive… I am considering trying it without the cashews, but I think it’s not the same at all… :/

Chopper Bunny says:

Just tried the recipe and I’m in love. I love how Versatile it is I’m looking forward to more adding veggies on top. Thanks for the recipe!!!

mikekun15 says:

Hey Shar, looks delicious :). You can also just use the soup feature for the Vitamex though right? I’m sure this method is for people who own one of them (myself included :P).

tosocat says:

I made this today and it was amazing + my non-vegan friend loved it. tried it without cashews first and then added some to a small portion and I found out that that’s what makes it a cream-like texture

Mariluna O'Mahoney-Roman says:

VEGAN ALERT!!! Many ketchups have beef blood in them and they are listed under natural flavors.

manicmuffin says:

Is there a reason why you used bottled water for boiling? Is the tap water not safe where you live?

Alice Madness says:

I love colorful pasta * W * (with natural colors)

Chrissy Botan says:

I add just a splash of almond milk to mine and it adds just a little bit more creaminess. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

A Jiyu says:

can we make without that nutrition yeast?

Shell Bell says:

Great video! 😀

Kay Kay says:

Ok, so does it taste like mac n cheese, b/c you just put ketchup in it????

Melissa Garcia says:

wow i just made this and IT’S SO DELICIOUS.
But instead of boiling the “chicken” broth in another cup of water i just boiled it in 1 cup of broth from the veggies 🙂

Saelyda says:

I plan on making this for Thanksgiving

SolAnn Thor says:

I think that it should be called noodles with vegetable purée sauce not mac’n’cheese

The Vegan Test Kitchen says:

Now I’m craving mac and cheese!!! Great recipe/video! Look forward to your others!

Kara Kara says:

how does this not have more views!? I make it all the time and watch the video like 5 times while cooking

James Cornwell says:

You don’t have to soak the cashews?

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