Baked Cheese Board & Chicken Pot Pie Recipe!

This baked cheese in bread with charcuterie is the perfect starter to any dinner party and cheats Chicken Pot Pie, perfect for a cold winter meal.

Platter recipe:

Chicken Pot Pie:

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Matthew Cojeen says:

We’re the chicken pal?

Sarah Poynton says:

the amount of butter you use in your recipes is absolutely fantastic

IvanIV05 says:

The pie looks gorgeous, but I was exhausted just from looking at it being made 😀 These days I just throw together a few ingredients and call it done.

Lesley-Anne Kirkman says:

that looks totally yum!! how I miss my fig tree back in South Africa!! that chook pot pie is to die for..definitely on the menu for Christmas Eve!! thank you for sharing Chef!! 🙂

Niamh O Reilly says:

its straight on the list for post Christmas day meals, look delish

ChaoticDoll says:

That is literally the best chicken pot pie I’ve ever seen.

Mike Pazzree says:

I’m an American ( Irish – German) living in the Philippines. I am addicted to cheese btw. To kick a dish up the other day I used Irish Butter and Irish Cheddar. Holy smokes what a difference. It is so worth the extra money

Blue says:

Looks good!

Brenda's Pampered Kitchen says:

What would we do without butter. Be sure to thank a cow <3. Another great recipe Donal.

A Real Kitchn says:

I’m always on the lookout for another chicken pot pie recipe…thanks Donal!!

AnaxErik4ever says:

Mmmm, both of these look delicious and like something my own family would serve around the holiday table. The sun going down, smelling thyme, rosemary, black pepper coming from the kitchen, and anticipating eating something delicious… yup, that sounds like pretty much my Christmas dinner all right.

Meeloy Blogs says:

More more more of this!!!

Mela Sh says:

Nice pie it’s looks as aflower

Jessica Sutherland says:

I’m going to be “that” person – *platter

Margaret Weir says:

Hi Donal could you please make some food for us down here in the southern hemisphere it’s going to be really hot this xmas

Aeneyes says:

**Serves 8**
i bet i can finish it alone, how delicious they look !

WildwoodCastle says:

Gotta try this one…

Maria Eugenia Santos says:

the most difficult part is cutting the bread! jesus.. or maybe my bread is the wrong one

Samiha Haider says:

I love the chicken pot pie.I’m going to try this at my home.

SkoxLy says:


SherlockianTrekkie says:

Donal that thyme plant was crying after that last pull! Lol. It was saying “NO, NO, NO More thyme!” Those looked amazing but that last one was ‘thyme’ consuming! Lol! Bon jour and Gracie!

gillian owens says:

Yummy cheeses

khadiza Aflah says:

cool recipe Donal! now i can seriously cook a chicken dish,as i knew there are a lots chicken dishes but this pot pie has truly made my day!

Susan Milke says:

Yes to both

Darlene Toope says:


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