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The Bacon Grilled Cheese Recipe, aka bacon wrapped grill cheese sandwich, that I had to make after seeing a Buzzfeed vid of one. Subscribe here for eclectic DIY : One of the best grilled cheese recipes ever.

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bruce lee says:

bread is square lol

Level 008 says:

News Report: Man found dead after being attacked by his own dogs

Abraão Gomes says:

I made the same face that those dogs did! hahahaha Looks very very very delicious 🙂

Jay Floyd says:

Yellow Labs Rule! I don’t know about the beaconator , I’ll have to try one

Don Pablo says:

Jesus Christ

Jasmine Williams says:

is that provolone cheese?

Andrew Meyer says:

Love it. And your other videos. Keep up the good work. 🙂

Archie says:

wow never seen anything like that. great idea

TKO_- DRoP says:

Sub and like!

spaghettio says:

Hot damn this looks good

Kevin Roberts says:

Just made one finally, think my cholesterol spiked but that’s for another time. Made it with American cheese but next time I think Munster would be perfect. Any thoughts from the community?

Indie Loren says:

Just went and made it omg it was yummy

Rachel Martin says:

This looks heavenly. I’d have to minus a few strips of bacon, but looks delicious

Maryam Khan says:

hey guy ! it was perfect !! but I don’t eat be con so make something in chicken

Ssj Ichigo says:

saw a video of this sandwich shared on my facebook feed last month, and I finally picked up some bacon to try it, now hopefully we can get the bacon fried well

Lady Neko says:

Can we use shredded cheese instead of sliced

vasw na says:

Give a piece the dog.
He envy :/

Black GOD says:

did you give some to your dog’s lol I am try that looks good

Across The Pond says:

I know that was delish.

Desdi rodeabike says:

Watching this, one can only say – It’s good not to be a muslim!
To the grocery store!

E.Kaywood Films says:

What kind of cheese

The Killer Grunt (VGR) says:


Kenneth Elston says:

Looks like a very good heart attack waiting to happen.  I say, if you got to go, go happy and enjoy while you can!!  I cant wait to try this out with a tomato in the middle, I got to keep it a little healthy you know.  enjoy.

Slimm Jimm says:

A-1  !!!!

My name is serenity rose says:

Will it work with cheddar cheese?

Taj Shabazz says:

i would toast the bread first

theonewithnoname says:

That looks awesome.  Time for a trip to the grocery store….

Traci Islands says:

Doggie is like, that was supposed to be mine! lol I will have to try this 🙂
Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Recipe…

MrAyedzMC says:

That’s Great (Recipe) ! Good work! 😀

MrLeonard55 says:

That’s a heart attack sandwich.

Ayla Lee says:

The dogs must want that sandwhich

joanne smith says:

why is it called grilled cheese when you didnt use a grill dosent make sence

Nick R. says:

How many slices of bacon was that on one sandwich? I need to know this because my cooking skills are about as good as a first grader.

Matt Drees says:

It’s 5 am and here I am……

Colby Lewis says:

How long do you cook each side

52cheshire says:

smells like success

Thanatia Norith says:

Animal cruelty! How can you deny those faces? XP

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