Bacon Explosion stuffed with Jalapeños & Cheese | Football Explosion Recipe

Bacon Explosion stuffed with Jalapeños & Cheese

This is my Football Explosion recipe which combines a bacon weaved – bacon explosion and a jalapeño popper.

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This bacon explosion stuffed with cream cheese, jack cheese and fresh jalapeño peppers is a perfect football food.

Start with 8oz room temperature cream cheese and mix in 8oz jack cheese and 3 diced fresh jalapeños. Season with Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub. Form into a log and place in fridge for at least 15 minutes.

Take 2lbs of hot breakfast sausage and flatten on parchment paper. Season liberally with Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub. Place cream cheese log onto center and roll sausage around.

Take 2lbs thick cut bacon and create a bacon weave. Place sauce log onto center of bacon weave and roll bacon around and cover sausage completely. Season liberally with Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub.

Place the assembled Football Explosion on smoker at 300 degrees. Allow to smoke for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of smoke, place internal thermometer in center of the Football Explosion to monitor the internal temps.

Continue smoking until the Football Explosion is reading 150-155. Using Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce, brush warm sauce on the outside of the Football Explosion and allow sauce to glaze.

When the Football Explosion hits 165 internal, remove from smoker and allow to rest for 15 – 20 minutes. Slice and enjoy!

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Gary Watts says:

wow that looks good! !!can’t wait for the Super Bowl that would make a great great snack

Androkanal says:

Nice. i’m gonna try this 🙂

Mark SD says:

Man, do you have a lot of neighbors hanging around yer house?

Yepp J says:

Oh myXD Only in America…

Parker Nesbitt says:

I love your channel man keep it up

FUK U says:

I stay right next door to him

Josiah Michael says:

who says white people don’t season their food

tendervittles doobiestein says:

Because another jar of seasoning would be too much.

Martin Lindgren says:

I just found this channel, and I am definitely making this sometime. Dagnabit that looks good.

Dexter Lim says:

I would eat that if I want be your size. But no thanks and thanks for your recipe of obese.

Rolando Perez says:

too much of a rub

jeepjeffy04 says:

This will be on the smoker this weekend!!! I am changing the name of it though… It will now be known as The Nuclear Football

.fortyfour says:

I’ve made several of these experimenting with each one. I’ve found that using Jolokia peppers on the inside and brushing the outside liberally with Mad dog 357 sauce to be the best recipe. It really compliments the bacon and pork..

TenzoG says:

Pair that with some coleslaw and your ready to go

Эдуард Латыпов says:

по всей видимости это охренеть как вкусно

Andrey Soloninko says:

you need to lose some weight

Austin Tseng says:

I made this and got a heart attack.

Stephany Sanders says:

Keto diet approved!

Donland Trump says:


Aeisha Collins says:

Looks like Boogie 50 lbs lighter.

Andre Harrison says:

hey i love your videos they taught me how to bbq right can you do a review of the smoke daddy cold smoker

Brandon Trout says:

I don’t know how you got this done in an hour+. I’m easing into hour two, steadily maintaining 300-350, and I’m only at 123.

texasvice1 says:

That is sinful, a delicious heart attack in a roll form. Good luck with that I could eat 3. That explosion you are speaking of is your heart.

.fortyfour says:

Just be sure to have a spray bottle filled with water within reach when it is time for it to come out your exit chute

mathias tyst says:

i gotta be honest! sounds like an amazing dish but damn why are you overusing those spices like you put half of the bottle in it xD isn’t that just gonna ruin the flavor…

Steven Cano says:

the perfect keto meal

Corey Johnson says:

Hey Malcolm, I’m going to give this a go at a super bowl party in a couple weeks. Can’t wait to try it out! I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the vid. Keep up the great work.

June94 says:

to much sodium! way ovet the limit! better be all your eating, for the whole day/night/next morning/lunch!!

Daniel Hernandez says:

where can I get a drum smoker like that

see me on da strip says:

Sup big hoss reed, big fan from across the pond. Call me stupid but when you say temps do you mean °C or °F?

franzfranz says:

That guy looks like he knows how to eat.

Paul Niotis says:

That’s not bacon. 80-90% fat? This is smoked lard. 🙂

However, good recipe. Just entered my to-eat list.

Scott Campbell says:

I hate you. Very jealous.

Josiah Michael says:

I’m pretty jealous of your smoker. I have a basic electric model that doesn’t have that much control and doesn’t produce thick clouds like that. still makes a good thanksgiving turkey though

Craig L says:

Step by step documentary on how to clog all of your arteries all one time. Heart-stoppingly delicous!

kali kaka says:

That looks so good

Paul says:

Only thing I don’t like is how bacon cooks this way. One side is perfect the other yeah, but this is preference.

I wonder some shredded spinach might go well with this stuffing

Craig Jones says:

Sir, you are a culinary genius! Looks SOOOO good!

JermaineTR says:

Greasy af


What kind of food prep gloves are you wearing?

Danny Dinh says:

Hablie esponal please

Paul C says:

what kind of drum smoker is that?

ernesto manila says:

why you are shy to show us that you ate all that in just 1 bite?

ReelGuyTv says:

I can’t imagine the calories in that. I’d eat it like its nobody’s business though!

Matthew Owen says:

Would this work in a traditional oven? If so for how long and at what temp? Thanks!

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