5 Ultimate Recipes For Cheese Lovers

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Manny Perez says:

Links to these recipes, please?

CheeseLover 52 says:

My FAVOURITE video ever

Fiona's World says:

I always watch these but never do them..
Anyone else?

Katie 101 says:

It’s so DOpe doh- hahahahahahaha oh wait nvm

I’m so cheesy

Eriona MALOKU says:

I’m hungry,i love cheese,and i don’t know why i always end up watching these kind of videos at 2.a.m. ???

Stanley Flowers says:

I am not a cheese lover just because I said I didn’t know you could make onion rings with cheese;cheese actually constipated me:

Agnes Tran says:

I’m lactose intolerant what am I doing here?

NhatPlays - Gaming & More! says:

id love to eat this, but i cant *moove* out of my bed

sorry, that pun was a little too *cheesy*

kill me

Dont click on my account says:

As cheese lovers,
we’d like a little more cheese than that.

Fun Gamer says:

I love cheese on my food.

Heavenly Eats says:

Nice video
Watch my video too

Pixel Pudding says:

*Peta has entered the chat*

Nada Mohamed says:

Or…: Putting cheese in random foods that may or may not make sense.

drtrongamers team says:

Darnit! Why do I always came across very delicious foods!?

Ramielle Garcia says:


Nokki says:

I wish the recipes were written down too, because I am absolutely going to have to make these, but I dont want to keep playing/pausing the video to follow the instructions. >.<

Erina Nazlyn says:

Tq for all this video .. I love cheese very much

JoyJoy Bean says:

For cheese lovers…. Here comes the meat

birkaran gill says:

Whoever will reply and like my comment will have the happiest life ever

mellifex says:

god this is erotic

Priyam Dutta says:

Sorry i cant cook, but please give me some!

Nindya Oficial says:

I dow no

Minidasher k says:

I’m gonna make the Mc n cheeseball

Sandra Moore says:

I can’t make this because…

I’m lactose intolerant…

Terfa AL-RASHEED says:

I tried number 5 and it was sooooo good

Luis Francisco Cintrón Morales says:


PewDie Bie says:


BURPYflatulen** says:


Valen Pedraza says:


The Jazziest Boi says:

I thought this video would be literally every tasty ever

charro028 says:

Most of these are a no

Pornthep Tirasuntrakul says:

Who watches these types of videos,but never does them?

Nada Mohamed says:

Mac n cheese balls are my weakness.

Dafne says:

Follow my on instagram and i follow you back @d.jj.k

Iconic Doof says:

I’m 139,746th!

drphil thechildphilestor says:

*C H E E S E*

Maha Omer says:

WARNING: vegans do not watch.

Joshua Penner says:

For cheese lovers, is it just me or is that pretty much everyone

MirMirs Animation says:



with a TWIST

Rin Akihime Uirichiro says:

You know what else is cheesy?

My friend’s pick up lines

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