10 Minute Mac & Cheese Recipe 먹방 Mukbang

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Everleigh Grande says:

Sooo. Beautiful

J.T. says:

Veronica can u plz do Cambodian food

Nanners Nummies says:

This is such a creative way to amp up frozen mac!!

Alondra Saldaña says:

Plis super big burger

Nea Rose Rodriguez says:

You are so adorable to your sister. I love it!! Makes me wish my sisters and I could be this close. I have 6!!

Sady says:

this video is ilke a ASMR video. OMG

Pray0t says:

you are beautiful

Andrea estefania Orellana says:

Do you live in canada????

mylenenoire says:

Cancer or Taurus?

Thehi Kpa says:

Neh sub

Erhan Abi says:

still here and still a cute nose

Mera A says:

Do people of your culture not know how to chew? Explains why your bf isn’t all that, a really good looking guy would be embarrassed to eat out with you.

Im going to pickill myself says:


tamarah babe says:

i love the big bites❤❤

Shelley Spain says:

New subscriber! I’ve commented on your videos before – what is the salad dressing you use? It looks like raspberry vinaigrette?

Veronica Wang says:

Hey guys I’m just following my creative nature >.< did you like the way I did this video?! please let me knooowww!!!

Sarah Munoz says:

I love u soo much u ar so so so awesome and amazing

Holly Huber says:

love Mack and cheese

I got Da juice-_-26 says:

I still like your videos thi

J N says:

You’re pronouncing jalapeños wrong…

awfulguitarplucker says:

mmmh-..let me guess: American Mucbang?

Gola245 says:

If you’re still hungry after eating a huuuuge helping of pasta, that’s not a good sign.

Ana Lopez says:

I love her eyebrows

Natalie Valdez says:

You’re beautiful, it looks like you’re ready for fall 🙂

tea thriller says:

I really appreciate your genuine appetite for food. I don’t like forced mukbangs that are just excessive and hedonistic and then they don’t even end up eating everything.

Chesakura A says:

Tell us about yourself please!! 🙂

I got Da juice-_-26 says:

Plz close ur mouth when you chew

Anshee Sookun says:

She makes me hungry

Feriel Sullivan says:

You are so beautiful.

Isabella Cordero says:

Do Spanish food

tyisha sawicki says:

How in the world does she eat that much! I would be so sick.

*KIWI MAMA* says:

How beautiful is her smile, I mean really?!

Yura Sl says:

honey, u are beautiful and WAY BETTER THAN good enough.. ♡♡

Gamer Elton says:

Omg l love mac & cheese can you do a part2 of this? But with more cheese?

emari laramore says:

I like this

let me get down says:

hii i really love your channel i get jeaules can u do egyption food

Rami Maiche says:


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